Waiting Game

8 Week Countdown!

I have 6 weeks left in my secure and decent job and 7 weeks to sort tenets out for my house, sell my car, have my injections, buy my malaria tablets and spend as much time with my friends and family. Then that’s it I’m off!

I am 27 in September on the 27th and unlike most 27 year olds around me I’m not looking at marriage magazines, baby books or planning my next career move. Instead I’m reading lonely planet for South East Asia and Australia. I have done a lot of traveling around Europe, America and have done a volunteer project in the Dominican Republic but have not really touched on Asia apart from a brief stay in Thailand a year ago. Well the opportunity has come up to do a trip around South East Asia and Australia through a friend at work who has also decided to give up his job and take the traveling plunge.

The plan is very basic we have booked our tickets to fly to Bangkok October 7th and we have booked a resort in Bali for December 20th ( you need a bit of luxury at Christmas). We do have a brief plan of what countries we will visit between those dates which will be Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia.  After Bali we have booked a flight to Sydney and land there on the 28th December just in time for NYE then we will begin our one year working visa traveling around Oz.

This blog is to keep a journal of my adventures, challenges and people I met along the way. It will be used to post some of my photos and videos to share with my friends and family instead of overloading everyone on Facebook with updates.

I have attached a photo so you all know what me and my travel buddy look like… But since as I have just purchased a selfie camera pole I’m sure you will become familiar with our faces fast!




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