Day Before Tomorrow

The day before we leave on our trip has finally arrived! I still have a list of things to complete. I am pretty sure today will be a long one! Packing is underway, money is changed and iPod updated. Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has come to say “cya later” and for all my cards and presents! A big thank you to my mum and dad helping me sort out my house, car and keeping me calm! Emotions are a mix of excitement and nerves.

We fly tomorrow morning from Leeds Bradford to Amsterdam at 9:10 and then fly from Amsterdam at 14:15 to Bangkok!

If any of you travellers have advice on tours, hostels to stay at or any tips in general facebook message me. I am sure we would both appreciate any tips! Next update will be from Bangkok! Just added a pic of my bag and our family dog Pandy she knows something is happening but is not sure what!

#traveling #packing #pug #thankyou #bangkok



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