First 4 days!

We have been here now 4 days. Today will be our last day in Bangkok before heading to Koh Tao on the night bus.

The flight from Amsterdam to Bangkok was just under 12 hours and not as bad as I thought. The food was decent but I have never been offered chicken and rice for breakfast before I decided to go with the omelette. We had a private taxi pick us up from the airport which I would recommend as we were both exhausted. A guy took us straight to the taxi and we were off with no fuss or fear of getting ripped off.
We have stayed at a hostel called Nap Park ( ) it is two streets down from the main road, Khao San road. The plan was originally to stay for 2 nights but we decided to stay and extra night. The hostel has a very chilled out atmosphere with places for you to nap in reception and a patio area made up of big seating area covered in cushions with small tables. The wifi is fast, the computers are free, they have a kitchen outside where they make food to order and have a fridge full of a variety of drinks. We stayed in a 22 person dorm. The dorms were compact but they have blinds between beds so you don’t feel like you are sleeping right next to someone else. Everyone is provided one big locker which can easily hold your backpack. The toilets and showers are separate in the dorms they are clean and have a boutique feel to them. The receptionists were extremely helpful with directions, general questions and even booking onward travel. Everyone is given a wrist band which is what you scan to get into the hostel, to get up the stairs and finally once again to get into your dorm room. Security wise you feel very safe. The hostel is in a great location it is lively at night with people in the patio hanging out which we made use of for two nights, but it’s also a 2 min walk if you want to step it up a notch and hit Khao San. Good choice at £6 per night.

First day in the city was mainly spent battling jet lag and waiting 6 hours to check in. Once we had checked in and slept some more we got in our first tuk tuk to the State Tower. In the State Tower is the famous sky bar off the movie ‘Hangover 2’. You are greeted by about 5 people as you exit the lift on the 64th floor. You are guided straight outside to a huge open area with a band playing and a amazing backdrop of Bangkok at night. You are guided down stairs by flashlight to the bar which has a circular viewing balcony around it. The balcony is all glass paneling. The views are amazing and so was my cocktail. As soon as we had taken pictures and collected our drinks it poured it down and we had to continue our drinks inside. We returned back to the hostel and hung out in the patio area talking with other travellers.


The next day we headed to the standing Buddha. We had been told that this day it was free entry so decided to check it out. You could release birds for luck and visit the temple next door which was beautiful. We then bartered with a tuk tuk driver to take us into down town Bangkok. The atmosphere and look is completely different to Khao San. There was shopping centre after shopping centre. We explored MBK which had 7 floors of shops and market stalls. We lunched in MBK and also had game of cosmic bowling whilst we ate ( I won😛). The other shopping centres were made up of Thai shops and western brands. We then headed back to Khao San for tea and drinks. We had a scary ride back in a tuk tuk during rush hour and at one point we were on the wrong side of the road.

Our last day and night in Bangkok got off to a late start as I slept in. We headed back for one last stroll round the shopping district, which ended with lunch in Tescos. We then headed back to our hostel had a few drinks including one very strong cocktail from a VW van. There is a lot of police present and we noticed heading into the weekend that they became even more present.

Today we are chilling in the hostel until our night bus takes us to the port where we catch the a ferry to Koh Tao. Marcus wanted to visit a nice resort when traveling so we decided to do this in Koh Tao.the resort looks amazing and I can not wait to get there and leave muggy Bangkok for some island breeze!

Apologies for the long entry it’s been a long 4 days!




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