Koh Tao

We are on our last day on the island Koh Tao. The weather has mainly been sunny but we have had the odd shower. Today we had a storm most of the day. We are staying at the beach resort ‘The Wind Beach Resort‘ it is at the far end of Sairee Beach from the port. We got a island taxi ( a truck with a bench in the back) to the resort and checked in straight away. The rest of our first day was spent catching up on sleep. That night we ventured into Sairee town and down to the beach front for tea. We also had a drink at the bar ‘Brothers’ which turned into our favorite bar for our last drink over the next three nights.
The next couple of days have been spent by the pool relaxing and soaking up the sun. We did make use of the pool bar once for a sprite. The staff are all extremely helpful. We did have our first encounter with a giant cockroach I jumped on the bed and Marcus killed it….haha! The resort is still currently undergoing a revamp. I have been really impressed with the resort especially at roughly £7 each a night. We did eat at the hotels restaurant and have a drink at the bar both very good, just a bit to quiet. There are bars either side of the resort which are a 10 second walk on the beach front.



On a night we ventured round the town and the beach front bars. A favourite was ‘Lotus Bar’ which had the standard seating on the beach and flame dancers but also had a little decking used as a dance floor. This bar had a really good vibe full of travellers and locals dancing on the beach and some in the sea. At one point the limbo game came out covered in flames. We did have our first bucket in Lotus which tasted like rocket fuel. It may have been our first and last bucket! We also found possibly the angriest pancake street vendor in Thailand. Every night people are lined up to watch him furiously make a pancake. There is a lady boy club and outside of it are 6ft5 lady boys eager to try get you in, safe to say we have not gone in as they are pretty scary looking!



The island is beautiful and very laid back to the point the taxi drivers spend there nights drinking Chang Beer. The flame dancers drink and smoke around there poles covered in gasoline as well. The island is very quiet at the minute which could be due to the tragic events which have recently hit the world news or the fact full moon was last week we can not be sure. Next stop is Koh Phangan we have a 90 minute ferry ride tomorrow morning.
Click on the link below to watch a couple of performers do some crazy tricks with fire.
Flame Dancers in Koh Tao



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