Koh Phangan

A bit behind on posts due to the wifi not being great. We spent 3 nights in Koh Phangan or as it’s better known “The Full Moon”. We arrived the day after the half moon party which had been shut down by the military. We spent one night down in Had Rin were the parties take place. We booked in a budget hostel but upon arrival we were told we had to stay in another hostel owned by the same people. My first impression of the hostel was not good as we had to stay in a place we hadn’t picked, the lady on reception had no clue about our booking and we had to put a deposit down for a key which didn’t even work as our dorm door didn’t lock.

On the taxi ride to the hostel we met a guy from London who had been traveling a while and spent some time working in Laos. I ended up going to the beach with him and he came along for dinner with us. He was looking for work in Koh Phangan as he wanted to end his trip at the islands New Year’s Eve party. The atmosphere of Had Rin was very seedy and tacky. I am sure when there are thousands of people in the town it has a electric atmosphere but as no parties were on at that time it had a creepy vibe. Everywhere you go there is fluorescent paint as a little reminder this is where the greatest party takes place every month.

After one night rooming with the French lovers we decided to move to the other side of the island. It was as quiet as Had Rin but prettier. The room also locked this time…by padlock.
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I tried driving a scooter, it lasted about two hours. I don’t have great balance as most of you will know. I got stuck in a bush and drove incredible slow. I tried it but it is not for me. We also ventured to the night market in the port town and experienced some yummy street food. That same night we stumbled across a fair. The streets were covered in bright lights the park was covered in stalls selling, fried bugs, pancakes, weapons and t-shirts. There was also live music and a play section for children. Our next stop was Koh Samui we headed to the port to take the ferry which was a 90 min journey.<


A couple of video links below to click on one of three young boys on a scooter and the other is the storm coming in.

Storm arriving

Children on scooter


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