Koh Samui

This island is where the holiday makers come. It is a lot more commercialised then the past two islands. We stayed in a resort called Nova Beach Resort. The resort was in a hillside and of course we had the room at the top. It was a lot of stairs to get to your room. The resort had lovely gardens and a big pool at the bottom, with pool games and a bar. It was a short walk into the town centre but the hotel provided a shuttle bus every 30 mins as well.


We spent our two days here by the pool or walking around the shopping centre. Yet again it was very quiet so on a night it was hard to find a bar with a few people in it. Across the lake we saw a very big Reggae Bar and could hear live music coming from it. We decided to walk to it. On this walk we walked through which we could only assume was the red light district. Both sides of the road were covered in bars with strip poles and music. Each bar had 5-8 girls standing outside in skimpy outfits trying to encourage men in for a drink. It did shock me at how many western men we saw in there or managing the bar. Once we arrived at the reggae bar it was no shock to find hardly anyone in there. The bartender told us it wouldn’t be busy for a few more hours. We grabbed a drink and listened to the band which were really good. Two hours past and sure enough the club started to fill, but the people coming in were the young women from the street we had walked down. The club became very seedy so we left and ended up getting caught in a down pour on the way home.

Our next stop was Koh Phi Phi which was the other side of Thailand. We thought we had booked with the same company that brought us to Koh Tao… But we hadn’t. The journey began at the hotel getting picked up at 6AM. We were transported to the bus terminal and boarded a bus driven by a man who looked like he had only had 2 hours sleep for the past week. The bus then drove on to the ferry where we had a two hour ferry ride. After exiting the ferry we got back on the bus. Then we got dropped off on the side of the road and taken to a office where we got on a truck which drove us to a mini van. We had a 3 hour trip in the mini van and then we were dropped off at another office. Once again we got on a truck and driven to the port to catch the ferry to Koh Phi Phi. As we were waiting to board the ferry the dark clouds rolled in, thunder began and the heavens opened. I was pretty nervous boarding the boat. Luckily we sailed out of the storm and had a smooth journey into the island and was greeted by a rainbow over the port.


Just one video a short clip of the ferry ride from to Koh Phi Phi

Ferry Koh Phi Phi


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