We arrived in Phuket town to a quirky hostel called Fullfill hostel. The rooms are very trendy but keep with Thai style. The room and bathrooms are very clean and the staff are very helpful. We explored Phuket town to find it has a heavy Chinese influence. There are a lot of big beautiful Chinese Temples. We had a stray dog follow us for over 40 minutes. We even went in shops but he sat outside waiting for us and when we rested he laid down behind us. I named him Chang.


We found a cafe for tea then went on wondering the streets to try find a place for a couple of drinks. The town has plenty of bars but there was not one person in them. We headed back to the hostel I hung out in the common room watching TV when the manager arrived. She began to play Beyoncé so we started to talk about Beyoncé and the next thing I know she is making me a drink with her own stash of Raspberry absolute vodka it was so tasty. She made her staff and Marcus’s one too. I started talking to the young lady who met us on arrival. Her name is Venus she speaks amazing English. We spent the night talking about the difference in our countries, places to visits, men and music. Venus mentioned she really would like to visit London one day so I showed her a few pics from home. I gave her one of my Yorkshire tea bags to try.


The hostel is great they looked after us last night with was looking like a early one but it turned into a late one. They are on booking and have a Facebook page link to Fullfill facebook page I would highly recommend them even if it is one night before a flight. I’m off tomorrow to Chiang Mai to see what northern Thailand has to offer.


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