Kuala Lumpur

I did not go to bed the night before I flew to KL so the flight was amazing as I slept the entire way. The airport in KL is huge I’ve never been to one that is so big you have to get a train to your gate. I jumped on the express train to the city centre then took a cab to my hostel the Reggae Mansion. The hostel was recommended to me in koh Phangan and it didn’t disappoint. The hostel is a mansion with outside common areas splitting the building up. All the rooms are pods so you have a little bit more privacy then normal. Due to my lack of sleep my first night in KL was spent passed out in my pod.
I wondered down to reception in the morning for a city map and bumped into Sabrina who was also about to go and explore. We decided to go together to find little India. We only made it to the monorail were we got separated as I didn’t make it on the train and she did. I spent the rest of the day walking around little India and China town. I also took shelter in the walking market as the heavens opened for about a hour. I arrived back at the hostel finding Sabrina and others. We headed out to the food market of KL for tea. I was introduced to Marmite chicken it was delicious. After dinner we headed back to the rooftop bar in the hostel for drinks and pool.
The next day I spent with the girls going around the shopping centres which are overwhelming. One of the shopping centres had a theme park inside another had a full jazz band playing. After some retail therapy we headed back to the hostel to watch a movie in the hostels cinema. It’s first come first serve for the film choice and as we were the only ones in there we picked Epic… It’s not the best but it was fun to have your own private cinema. As it was my last night I wanted to check the towers out which were only two stops away on the train. Yet again it was raining so with rain jackets on we headed out. I have seen many sky scrapers but those towers were amazing I could not get over how pretty they were. On every photo I took they did not look real. Once again we retired in the roof top bar for my last few drinks before getting a early night. I am now currently at the airport waiting for my flight to Singapore.

Just upload all my pictures so here is a little video below of me on a mini roller coaster to my gate at KL airport

Train to my gate at KL Airport


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