Bangkok to Cambodia

After a horrible 3 hour flight to Bangkok I got on the bus to the sky train. On the bus I met two German guys that were also heading to Koh San Rd. After we got off the bus they persuaded me to get the local bus with them. It was a experience it took about a hour and a half but cost 14p. It is hot and crowded. The ticket lady found me a seat on the engine next to the driver, I must have looked like I was about to pass out with my back pack on. Finally we arrived at Koh San and it was nice be somewhere I recognised. I got showered and hung out in the communal area of Nap Park Hostel. I met two guys from northern England and a guy from Poland. They invited me to dinner. It was nice to have some company and drinks after a long day of poor traveling. We ended the night in a Thai night club with a live pop punk type Thai band. It was fun dancing to music you could not translate at all. The next day I just went to the shopping mall for a hair dryer and straighteners I had hit a wall and needed some home comforts. That night I hung out with my new friends from the night before. The next day was my last day at the hostel so I moved my stuff to the Bangkok Centre hotel where my tour started. I was very tired from a few late nights that I fell asleep in my hotel room. I awoke to my new roommate coming in. After we had introduced ourselves we headed down stairs for our first tour meeting and to meet everyone else. Our guide introduced himself and went through the itinerary. After the meeting the whole group headed out for some dinner. Once dinner was over I planned to go meet my friends for our last night in the city and 3 of my tour members came with. We spent the last night in Bangkok chatting and drinking before heading home as we had to be at reception for 6:45am departure.


The next morning was a blur. Due to it being so early I was not fully awake. We got on the bus and headed for the Cambodian border. We had our own mini bus which was very comfy so I slept most of the 4 hour drive. We stopped off half way to fill in the visa applications and the arrival and departure forms. The visa cost about $30 for a 4 month visa. The driver pulled up out side the Cambodian embassy to collect our visas then we drove into the border. The border was full of poor market stalls for locals to buy essentials they may need. It was ver busy and hot. We went through Thai immigration with ease and then had to walk across the border to Cambodian immigration. Cambodian immigration took time they worked at a slow place and took personal phone calls in between seeing people. Once we were in Cambodia we where greeted by huge casinos everywhere. We got back on the bus and headed to San Riep. The journey took another 4 hours with a lunch break in between. As we arrived at San Riep the heavens opened and we had a mass rain fall flooding the roads in seconds. Our first nights Accomidation in Cambodia was in a hotel call Bann Yann Leaf. It was very nice with a pool out the front. We only had half an hour at the Orel to drop our bags off before we headed to our first activity.


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