After a 50 minute flight from Kuala Lumpur I was in Singapore. The airport here is massive it’s like a small town. I jumped on to the monorail and headed for my hostel. Singapore is by far the easiest place to get around walking or by train. After reaching my hostel I dropped my bag off and went out for some dinner. The hostel I stayed at was called The Hive it is split over two buildings, it is a bit of a maze. The hostel was clean, had really helpful staff, a common area and a kitchen. It is in Little India which is where I decided to go and grab food on my first night. On my way to Little India I passed two huge shopping centres decorated for Christmas it was my first reminder that it was November and winter back home. One of the shopping centres sells everything you could possibly need and is open 24 hours a day. Little India was full of colour from flowers to brightly coloured buildings. The food was really good and very cheap especially for Singapore. I hung out in the common room with a couple of people and watched a movie. They let me pick so of course it was Frozen…not sure the guys liked it.
On my second day I headed to Singapore Zoo. I had booked to have breakfast with the Orangutans. When you arrived you were given a table surrounded by rainforest then Orangutans came walking in and start climbing and playing around you as you have your breakfast. There is also one point that the Orangutang’s have their breakfast and you can get a picture with them. I spent the rest of the day exploring the zoo. You almost forget you are at a zoo the closures are so open and the grounds are beautiful. Some of the enclosures are open and you have monkeys swinging above your head. I went to one of the shows which yet again has the animals entering the stage above your head on vines. After a long day at the zoo I decided to get a early night as I was exhausted from being out in the muggy heat all day.

On my last full day in Singapore I headed to the down town area exploring the shops before heading to the Marina Sands Tower. I went up to the 57th floor to the rooftop bar. I bought a cocktail and looked up to see a guy I met in KL. I spent the rest of the afternoon with him we managed to get a table to watch the sun go down and the city light up. After trying to work up the courage to sneak into the infinity pool we chickened out and left. We went to the other side of the river to watch the laser show before grabbing some food yet again in Little India.





Currently on my flight to Bangkok and so far it’s been turbulence all the way so I am trying to distract myself. It’s not working especially as the guy next to me just threw up! I have two days in Bangkok before my tour round Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos starts.


laser showAnother Laser Show
Naked Mole Rats from Sinapore Zoo
Grumpy Monkeys


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