Sydney – Back to Reality

I have been in Sydney just over a month. It has been incredible hanging out with my sister for the festive season and new year. Straight after that our mum came to visit us for three weeks. It has been a whirlwind so far but now reality is setting in and I need to go back to work.
In my first month in this incredible city I have visited The Obar, the Botanical Gardens, the Sydney Opera House, the Art Museum, Circular Key, The Opera Bar, watched and listed to the Sydney Opera House Orchestra, walked the costal walk, Darling Harbour,indoor rock climbing and driven across the Harbour Bridge. There is still plenty to see and do but it is on pause until I have a job.
I have spent my first week job hunting, signing up to agencies which provide temporary work. It is tougher then I thought to get into office work as people are put off by the type of visa you hold. To work in hospitality you need a RSA (Responsible Selling of Alcohol) which will cost you six hours in a classroom and £50. The worst part is the RSA is only valid for the state you are in. I have signed up to complete the course this Tuesday. So after Tuesday I will have completed all my Microsoft Office tests and be able to work in a bar or restaurant so here’s hoping for employment soon! It is tough starting over but with views like this it is worth it.



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