Back to the backpacking…

I have just had two friends from home visit me in Sydney. For there visit we all stayed in a hostel in the city for five nights. The hostel of choice was Base which is centrally located by Darling Harbour. I settled back into hostel life in a 10 bed dorm the people in Australia seem a lot younger then people I met in hostels in Asia. We refuelled in darling harbour with a breakfast followed by a drink at Margaretville. The rest of the day was spent wondering around the Opera House having a drink in the Opera bar Kitchen and dinner in Scary Canary. That night we decided to go the night club Ivy which is free on a Thursday and popular with backpackers. The club is a four storey indoor court yard with balcony’s and bars wrapped around the outside. It was full from wall to wall with people which made it impossible to move let alone dance and the music started to repeat a lot. The venue was very impressive especially the pool bar on the roof deck.

The next day was very chilled out for me as I waited for my friends to do the bridge climb. There verdict was it is a must to do, but they did not think it was worth the money they paid. After a quick lunch we took the train over the bridge to Luna Park. The entrance is stereotypical retro fairground its very eye catching. We decided to walk around the park first before deciding  on what type of ticket to purchase. The fairground goes further back then you think but to our disappointment a few rides where closed. The Coney Island fun house and dodgems is what we decided to go on and purchased the Sample Pass for sixteen dollars which gives you entry to two rides.  The Coney Island fun house was a large warehouse filled with matt slides, mirror maze, moving floorboards, magic mirrors and jumping floors. After running around like big kids we ended our trip on the dodgems before heading to Manly for cocktails. The evening was spent enjoying the happy hour in Manly before staying up late drinking goon in our hostel room as the line to the hostel bar was around the corner.

Bondi was where we spent our Saturday battling the waves and soaking up the sun before walking the costal walk to Bronte. In Bronte we chilled out in the pool watching the waves before heading back to get ready for the Asia World Cup Final. The game was in the Olympic stadium and it was Australia Vs Korea. The stadium was full and the atmosphere was crazy. Australia scored the first goal but Korea came back in the last minute meaning the game went into extra time. Australia scored in the extra time making them the winners of the Asia World Cup. After the trophy ceremony  we returned to a night of drinks in the hostel club until four am which pretty much meant our last day was spent laying in the Botanical gardens recovering. That night I did take them up to the O Bar for a nice drink before returning to people being kicked out of our hostel which made for some Sunday night entertainment.







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