Sydney Living

A quick update on how things are going in Sydney. It’s been a busy month! I am now employed and have a home…yay! I’m working in logistics for a cosmetic company. The office looks out over the harbour bridge and opera house, it is a bit of a change from a car park in Bradford. I can only work for a company for 6 months on my visa which means I shall be in Sydney until September.

It took two weeks and what feels like a million house viewings but I finally found a house/ room to rent. It’s based in Redfern on the border of Surry Hills which is pretty much the Shoreditch of Sydney. Ip the house is central and a 10 min walk to the station. The house is a big terrace fully furnished and extremely quirky. It has been decorated by the owners who are artists. The back garden is my favourite part of the house, it has a big patio under cover equipped with a outside oven, bathroom and BBQ. There is a total of six of us in the house. Everyone moved in at the same time which has mad it very easy for us all to settle.

The challenge now is to enjoy Sydney but save at the same time. It is almost like being a student again with a little more money. I am planning to do the East Coast in August with two friends visiting from England, which is the main reason for my savings. Whilst I am in Sydney I plan on hopefully doing two weekend trips to Melbourne and Ayers Rock.



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