Anzac Day 2015

It was the 100th anniversary of Anzac Day this year. It is day in which Australia and New Zealand pay their respects to the soldiers who died in World War One. It is a day of remembrance services, parades, drinking and two up. Two up is a traditional Australian game where you bet on heads or tails with a partner.

I started my day in Balmain which is the place to be for Anzac Day. They close a road down between two pubs Dicks and The Exchange. There is live music on the street and food between the pubs. Inside the pubs are games of two up which can only be played up until 5pm.

Balmain was incredibly busy. Be prepared to wait for the bar, toilet, food and just moving in general. The atmosphere is electric as it is mainly Australians filling the streets and the pubs. Inside the exchange you could not even see the two up game as it was bursting with Australians cheering the game and singing their national anthem. Once at the bar I would recommend buying a few drinks as you do not want to wait again. There is plenty of places to rest drinks so you are not holding them all. The Exchange is a great pub it is on two levels and is almost like a mansion it has a homely feel to it. Up stairs has a balcony with tables and chairs and a DJ. If you are lucky enough to get a seat you can watch the street party below or the war footage being screened on to the side of a building across the street. There was a two minute silence in the evening which most people respected. After Balmain I moved on to Clovelly.

Ended the night in Clovelly Beach Hotel.The venue is great it’s very modern and on split levels. There was a massive dance floor with a live band and up a few floors was a smaller dance floor with a DJ. It was not as busy as Balmain which made it a bit more comfortable to enjoy. The music downstairs was mainly golden classics and upstairs was a more modern music. Toilets are unisex but you do have a girls and men’s section inside the bathroom. There were no taxis outside when we left so having the Uber application is a must for a speedy ride home.

Hope everyone enjoyed there Anzac Weekend


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