Ayers Rock


After a couple of months of working and settling into the city life I started to get itchy feet. Thanks to Jet Star happy hour I managed to bag a return flight to Ayers Rock for $350. The flights are usually around $600 return as Ayers Rock Airport is a private airport. For accomidation you are very limited with choice. There is only one resort to stay at and of course it is called The Ayers Rock Resort. I stayed in the hostel part of the resort which was near the bar and snack cafe. The other parts of the resort where made up of the town square, hotel and camping. In the middle of the resort was a viewing point where I spent the first evening watching the sun set on the rock.

The second day was spent visiting the Camel Farm in the morning and then walking the base of Ayers Rock in the afternoon. The camel farm is a short walk from the resort but if you did not fancy the walk there is a shuttle bus from the resort as well. I took a short ride on the camels where the camel tour guide explained how the camels were rescued from the wild and had a better life on the farm. In March they also hold the camel cup where they race the camels all weekend. To get to the rock we pre booked a bus and bought our national park ticket which can be purchased at the information centre in the town square. The bus driver explains the pick up points and drops you off at the base of the rock. You can climb one part of the rock but they advise you do not as it is disrespectful to the aboriginal people. The walk in total was 10K and the rock provides a amazing back drop as you wonder around. There are a lot of flys which do make you walk faster as they are very annoying. You do need bug spray, water and sunscreen with you on the walk. That evening after cooking our own tea was spent in the bar listening to the live music before having a early night. The next morning was spent packing and getting ready to return to Sydney.

The dorm rooms were warm and clean. The bathrooms where extremely cold but clean. The town square had everything you need for the weekend and the resort is so small, you can walk to anywhere in the resort in 5 minutes. You only need a long weekend to see everything Ayers Rock has to offer.



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