Country Living

I am currently two weeks into my regional work. I have to complete 12 weeks of regional work to extend my Australian holiday working visa for another year.

I decided to not go to a fruit/vegetable farm as I had heard mixed reviews on the guarantee of work. I decided to apply to be a stable hand at a stud farm as I do have horse experience.

I got a response from a stud farm in Murrurrundi were I would be living with the family and earn a small wage for looking after their 17 horses.

Murrurrundi is in NSW in the Hunter Valley and three hours from Sydney. It is next to Scone which is the horse capital of Australia. The farm next to me is owned by Mr Arnott the buiscuit king and the stables down the road are owned by the airline Emirates. 

Country life is comepletley different from city life; driving eveywhere, going 45 mins to the next town just for a food shop, surrounded by beautiful mountains, giant hail storms, fire building, covered in mud and spending most of my time with animals. It is like being in rehab I haven’t had any alcohol or a ciggertte since being here. I go to bed early and wake up before my alarm cos I am so well rested. My biggest stress is if I should take off the horses rugs or not. 

It is such a refreshing experience. Don’t get me wrong it is hard work but also very rewarding.

I plan on doing many hikes and national park visits whilst I am here and will post my activities over the next few months.



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