Hot Christmas!

I spent my second Christmas in Australia with a few friends. Last year there was a massive group of us but this year was on a much smaller scale.

Christmas Eve we started in the Coogee Pavillon which is one of our favorite places for a cocktail and a pizza. The atmosphere was not what we were looking for on this festive night. We wanted to feel a little bit like we were home with cheesy Christmas songs, merry people singing and some dancing! Someone suggested the Cock and Bull in Bondi Junction…best suggestion of the night.


Obviously we all miss home especially at Christmas with everyone having their own traditions at this time of the year. Walking into a sticky floored sweaty pub blasting out every Christmas tune there ever was makes us feel that much closer to home. We rang in Christmas and headed home to rest up for our hot Christmas.

Christmas day there was about 6 of us and after opening presents from home and each other we grabbed our BBQ and alcohol and headed to Coogee Beach. It was packed with people enjoying the sun and festive spirit. We drank and ate a lot having the odd dip in the sea to cool off. The sun managed to last until 4PM then it was a quick exit back to the apartment to avoid the rain. We carried on with the traditional cheese board, Christmas Day nap, mince pies and cold turkey.


New Years Eve was spent at Luna Park. I believe our tickets were around $150. As the event is ticketed you do not need to arrive until 6:30 PM which is great if you do not want to spend all day out in the sun guarding your spot for a view of the bridge. The theme park is open to adults only on NYE all rides are included on your ticket and lots of bar locations. The lines for the bars were between 30-50 minuets which is not bad at all on NYE in Sydney. The view of bridge is amazing and with the music and fireworks it did not disappoint! I would highly recommend this for people who want to party, not be out in the sun all day and have a kid free New Years Eve.


I got dragged out to Bondi Junction New Years Day thinking my partying was over…I was very wrong. I rang in the Irish/English new year in the Tea Gardens. It was pumping with atmosphere, music and drink at 8 AM! Live saxophone player next to the DJ and a lot of Irish sing along’s. After the New Year was rung in at 11 AM the day did not end for those who could keep going. Once again the day ended in the cock and bull which was heaving from 2 PM on wards. New Years Day was probably the biggest session I’ve had in Sydney and as tired as I was it was worth getting up for that morning!

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