Unit 7.

Coming out of Christmas me and my friend had decided to move out of our house shares and find a apartment for just the two of us. I had not idea how hard it would actually be to secure one.

We spent many weekends trailing around the area going to open houses with about 50 other people as well. Both of us are on a working holiday visa and that always seemed to be a disadvantage when speaking to the real estate agent. After 3 failed applications I decided to look on gum tree and rent through a private landlord. We showed up to the viewing with all our paper work ready and spoke to the land lord for a while. We both fell in love with the small unit. After a anxious week of waiting it was confirmed that we had been offered the rental agreement.

A few things I learnt from the whole experience;

  1. Contact the landlord before the viewing to see if you can get the paperwork early
  2. Fill in the paperwork.
  3. Have all your ID proof copied.
  4. At the viewing you can then present all your application complete making a good impression.
  5. Keep in contact with the landlord to show you are keen and ready to move as soon as possible.
  6. If you are on a holiday working visa you will probably have more success through a private landlord then a real estate agent.

It was very much worth the wait though to have our own two bedroom unit. Filling it with furniture has been hard but we have got there through some very good friends lending us their muscle and Ute’s.

The building has a roof terrace with a view of the city and I am obsessed with the view at sunset!




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