Budget Babe

Trying to save money and live in a city is close to impossible but sometimes the time comes when you really think….’shit I need some savings’. This month I am not spending money I am saving. I’m going to write how I go and cope missing out on a few social events. My Opal is topped up for work and I have done my food shop at Aldi and the butchers, ready to be a budget babe for a month!

***Side note I do not cook, I am 28 and I can not cook at all. I don’t enjoy it, maybe cos I am bad at it who knows…but I am going to have to cook as eating out is not a option this month***

The plan is easy…don’t spend. I have all my food supplies at home I just need to become organized. The weekend plan is not to stay in and binge on movies and series but to go out and do something with a packed lunch so I don’t go stir crazy.

I survived the first weekend not venturing out to any bars or lovely breakfasts. Instead Saturday I filled my day with a full food shop which took forever as I have not really done one before. I did my laundry for the week and then had a nice bath before watching a movie. I did miss out on a friends Birthday but I got filled in by my flatmate when she returned from Newtown. Sunday I went and did a coastal walk as the weather improved greatly. That afternoon I prepared for work as I get up at 5AM for my lengthy commute I need to have my stuff ready.

Ill write later on how I got on today and what I manged to create in the kitchen. Any easy recipes or tips let me know!

P.S I have given myself a $20 spend for the week on a treat!






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