Sweaty Christmas

This will be my third Christmas in Australia. I am still not used to the hot weather at Christmas time and I don’t think I ever will be. But to make the most out of it I feel you have to make more of a effort to get that festive feeling going when its 31 degrees outside….

For me I always send my friends back home Christmas cards. I always have a advant calendar. Christmas decorations must be put up along with a tree and a festive film in the back ground. I get my christmas playlist going at work through the head phones. These small things do make the holidays seem a little more real.

I have to make cakes for my works morning tea as it is my turn. I have made reindeer buns! Super easy…I just bought bun mix (which included chocolate frosting),pretzels for the antler’s, smarties for the eyes and cut the tips off strawberries for the nose.

Spreading a bit of christmas cheer in the office tomorrow!


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