1st January 2017 -Sea Planes

Not going to lie it is safe to say I was feeling very delicate waking up on the 1st January. It was our one year anniversary so instead for Christmas presents we decided to book a flight on Sydney Sea Planes at Rose Bay. Maybe booking the flight in the morning was a bit of a error but it was worth it.

We arrived at the terminal and had a glass of bubbly at the terminal bar, which looks out over Rose Bay. We received a boarding pass and waited to  be called. I am a nervouse flyer and I began to get more and more nerovus watching the sea planes land and take off into the bay. Then it was our turn. There was 6 people in the plane and the pilot. It was tiny inside and you could see out the front window even if you were on the back row. The pilot did warn us that it may be a bumpy take off and landing due to how many boats were on the water….WOW it was bumpy! It was like being on a speed boat inside a plane a… bit terrifying.

Once up in the air we flew out over Watson’s Bay and up the coast over Bondi Beach and Bronte Beach. Then we turned to go back down the coast and over the city with a view of the Opera House and Harbor Bridge. The views were incredible I did Gopro most of t he flight so I could enjoy the views not through a lense. Landing was as bumpy as take off but I was more prepared for it. It was such a great start to the new year I would recommend a flight with these guys it was incredible!!


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