Home Prep.

I went home for two weeks. Mainly to see my mum and her partner get married but also to catch up with friends and family. I left the UK September 2014 so it had been a while since I was last home.

The few weeks  before I left I had mixed emotions, feeling anxious and excited all at the same time. I had a few nightmares about returning home think it was down to nerves about seeing people after so long. I have a few friends I have known forever and we don’t talk often but when we are together its like no time has passed. I have my university friends who I talk to often and I have my friends from home who I have regular contact with. There were a few people who contacted me before I left who I had lost contact with but I agreed to meet who I could to see how they were.

Does anyone else get nervous about visiting home?

My main rule I was trying to stick to was to not stress and to enjoy the trip as much as possible as this was my holiday. My sister had already been home for a visit and she said its crazy but you keep going cos you don’t know how long it will be until you are next back.

We booked our flights with Qatar and if you have watched the news you will see the countries around Qatar have banned them from using their air space. The only affect this had on our flight was a extra 20mins on our leg from Doha – Dublin. Our flight was at 9PM so I decided to work from one that day…I would recommend to take that whole day off it was very stressful rounding off work and making sure everything was packed. Maybe if you are ore organised then me it could work, but I will be taking the full day of next time.

My trip started and ended in Ireland. I had 14 days back home in Yorkshire. Ill break down the next to blogs between Yorkshire and Ireland.

I did treat myself to a new leather travel wallet from Kikki. Its brilliant piece to take with you along with your travel pillow. It hold your passport boarding passes and visa’s safely in one place. I even got my initials printed on the corner. Click here to have a look.


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