Cooking School Sydney

I had been gifted a voucher for Sydney Cooking School from my dad. He had in fact got my sister, her boyfriend, my boyfriend and myself a voucher for Christmas. We have just got around to using it!
We all decided on the Middle Eastern course. Last Saturday we headed to Neutral Bay to the school. Parking is a bit of a nightmare round there. We parked in the shopping centre opposite the school. The first two hours are free and we used three so it cost $8 in total.
Paul was our instructor for the morning. Once the aprons where on he began explaining what we would be cooking. All the ingredients is prepped only a little bit of chopping to be done. The tips we received from Paul about salt, oil, BBQ and cooking fish were very useful and stuff you would use at home.

I am no cook and I don’t enjoy cooking as I find it stressful. I really did enjoy the morning because it was all laid out in front of you and minimal knowledge was required. If you are into cooking then you learn a new dish and also can ask any questions to your instructor you may have.
After we had our main dish cooking we went through to the back which was a outside area covered by a wooden terrace. There was a huge table and a beer from the fridge for us. Paul finished off our food on the BBQ. After enjoying the amazing food…and it was mouth watering we were all given the recipe. Paul also mentioned if you attempted any dish and it didn’t work…simply email the school and within a week they would contact you and help you work out where you went wrong.


What I did learn which is key to my issues cooking …’time and temperature’. I always try to do everything at top heat and as fast as possible. Last nights tea was a lot better then normal, everything was cooked slowly and on a medium heat.

I would never have done this unless I was gifted it…I would recommend this as a gift for anyone. It’s a different start to your Saturday morning and you get lunch and dinner for the day!

Thanks Dad!

Click here for the Sydney Cooking School website


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