My Top 3 Meal Deals For After Work Dinner In The City.

Just a short blog on my favourite meal deals during the week in Sydney. Maybe because I am on Optifast and not eating out I just need to write about them instead…
  1. The Soda Factory
  • Great spot for any night during the week and even the weekend if you want a dance. It is not to far from Central Station. Look out for the Hot Dog shop and behind the vending machine you will find the Soda Factory. A great speakeasy themed bar. It has food deals all week and with its central location makes it a easy pick when meeting up with friends after work. Tuesday is the day for the meal deal…Dollar Dog! $1 a hot dog and there are usually a few to pick from. No excuses if you are short of cash this place will feed you for one buck. On other nights there will either be a movie playing or live music. The atmosphere is always fun, lively and friendly.
2. Cargo Bar
  • They offer a great meal deal of a $10 steak. It is located on darling harbour which means it has a lovely view whilst you eat your dinner. To say the steak is so cheap it taste really good and it comes quick. We have even taken visitors here for tea as we all know when people visit you spend a small fortune showing them around this takes the pressure off and provides a good feed with a great view. I have actually just checked the website to make sure the deal is still on and it has changed….they now have a $15 menu Monday – Wednesday the steak is on there with other items. Still a great deal at $15 bucks you will not be disappointed. 
3. The Trinity Bar
  • The last place on my top 3 meal deals for a week night is the Trinity Bar. Its actually the first place I tried a Chicken Parmigiana. They have a meal deal on every night here but if you want a big feed for $12 get to this place on a Monday. Huge Parmigiana for $12  you can not go wrong. There is a terrace just outside the pub to which you can sit on. It is located in Surry Hills a quick walk from Central station. Its a nice traditional looking pub and always busy so creates a good atmosphere. There is also seating upstairs to if you can not find any room downstairs.




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