Nepal Packing…

I have broken down a rough outline of what we have bought for the trip. There have been 3 main shops we have purchased everything from…Kathmandu Outlet Store, Mountain warehouse (website) and Decathon Sport Shop. The trekking company we are going with will be providing down jackets and sleeping bags. I have posted the full list at the bottom which we received from our trekking company as well.

Packing for the Base Camp Trek


It is crazy how many bags we are taking to Nepal. We have our day pack bag, suit case and duffel bag which is carried by the Sherpa. Yes we are taking 3 bags and two are pretty big bags. I bought a light weight back pack that also turns into a suitcase you can wheel ( yes I am getting old) and my day pack is ultra light weight back pack with easy acces to water. Both of these bags are from Kathmandu. My duffel bag for the trek is from Mountain Warehouse, it is huge but it will be carrying everything I need for the 15 days.

Base Clothes

Thermal-wise we bought thermals from Kathmandu store in there sale and we purchased merino wool base layers for our legs and top half in the Mountain warehouse sale. I also have ultra light weight sport tops, a fleece and thick socks

Outer Layers

We purchased hiking trousers from Decathon Store. They were very reasonable and MK also bought his waterproof jacket there as well. I have waterproof shell pants and a thing waterproof mac. I have also bought a waterproof/windproof jacket. We have two types of gloves to keep us warm, and two types of hats depending on how cold we are. We will be packing our sunglasses and normal glasses.


Our hiking boots have been worn in for the past year. We will be buying extra laces in Nepal. As well as walking boots we will be packing a pair of trainers for the night times to give our feet a rest. For night time I have packed lots of bed socks from Kmart to keep my toes warm.

Toiletries & Extras

All the normal toiletries will be packed, along with all the pills and altitude sickness tablets. My camera, GoPro and extra batteries will be in my day pack. We will also be taking a book each, deck of cards and puzzle book to keep us amused at night. I have packed a diary as well as I have one from every trip I have done so far, it is such a lovely memory of your adventure. Every day we will need to drink 3L of water, we need two water bottles 1.5L each and we will get these in Nepal. Head torches, padlocks for our bags and zip lock bags to keep our valuables dry as just a few more little extras we need to take.





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