Bye Bye Nepal

Flying in Nepal is a experience just like everything else. Due to the weather changing all the time flights do get delayed a lot. We were lucky leaving Pokhara as we only had a short delay. I am not the best flyer and flying in Nepal is pretty scary at times. The clouds are low so for both flights we took in this country we didn’t see anything but cloud and the occasionally mountain peak.

Runway at Pokhara

Once we had landed back in Kathmandu we made our way to baggage claim. In the domestic airport baggage claim is a long metal table and bags are thrown on the table and you grab yours. It was super chaotic, MK and I took one end each of the table to keep a eye out for our bags. We grabbed a taxi back to the hotel and were reunited with all our luggage. We only had one more day left in Kathmandu before we flew home.

On our last day went to The Garden of Dreams. It is a garden in the middle of the city. You do have to pay to enter but it is worth it. The gardens are beautiful and there is a lovely cafe inside where you can grab lunch. Its a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu. After a nice lunch in the humid gardens we returned to the hotel to pack up for our flights home.

Garden of Dreams

At the airport in Kathmandu before we flew home they asked me for my visa for Australia. Even though it is attached to my passport they did not have the technology to see this. I had luckily printed off my visa before we left Australia. We had a good flight to Dubai and a quick change over. It was pretty stressful as you have to get a bus from one terminal to another and it is not a fast bus. We made the flight and in a short 14 hours we were back home in Australia.

Little treat on the way home to Australia


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