My name is Kirsty and I am from Yorkshire, England. Heading to 30 this year and pretty nervous about it. I grew up in England until I was 13 then moved with my family to Chicago,USA. After high school, a summer volunteering in the Dominican Republic and a year and a half at University I headed back to England. Finished my degree in England spent a summer back pacing around Europe before starting to work.

After a few years working and getting on the property ladder I started off on my Asia adventure then on to start my holiday visa in Australia. After 3 months of farm work, East Coast Trip, Ayers Rock weekend away, many nights out in Sydney falling in love with a Irish man….I am here now on a sponsorship visa living in Marrickville with some amazing friends and still in love.

Welcome to my website which is my travel blog,sailing updates and a blog on my weight loss journey. I also have a Instagram and Twitter please see the links below and give me a follow!



Safe Travels!



I am about to give everything up to see the world…

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