All the things that get you out in the open in Sydney….

Royal Botanical Gardens

Cost: Free

Essentials :Whatever you would need for a walk around some beautiful gardens…

Why: The gardens are in the heart of the city right next to the water. You can wonder around the gardens or lay on the grass taking in the sun and views. There is a cafe in the middle of the gardens if you need a snack or drink. The gardens are full with different trees, flowers, exhibits and ponds. It’s a beautiful oasis in the middle of a busy city.

Bridge Climb

Cost: $298 (day climb)

Essentials: Comfy Clothes // They Supply everything you need //

Why: Who doesn’t want to say they were stood on top of the Harbor Bridge in Sydney? Its a great way to get a very unique view of the city. On the way up the bridge your guide tells you enough facts to last a lifetime about Sydney and what you can see. I did this experience with my friend and we split a photo package …well worth splitting it you get photos on your own and together and pay half the price. It is expensive but if you have a friend in town visiting its a great thing to experience together. We did the day time climb.

Kayaking on the Harbor

Cost: $95 for Sunrise and a Coffee Paddle

Essentials: Layers depending on time of year // Clothes you don’t mind getting wet //

Why: From being on top of the bridge to floating under it. This company provides different trips out on the water in Kayaks leaving from Lavender Bay. I have done the sunrise and a coffee paddle. It is so calming to be on the water before the ferry’s start. The views and photos you can get are amazing. To sit on the water and watch the sun come up over North Sydney is a different way to kick off any weekend. As long as you don’t mind getting up early on a Saturday you will love this experience. Coffee tastes great as well its from their secret location.

Luna Park

Cost: Free Entry// Passes for Rides can be bought at the park  or online ( they are a little bit cheaper if bought online)//

Essentials: No Flip flops or Sandals // Runners to go on the rides //

Why: It is retro theme park next to the harbor bridge. It has old school rides and a fun house at the end of the park. The fun house was my favourite part. We all felt like big kids in the mirror maze and going down the sack slides. There is also a lovely coastal walk around to Lavender Bay which looks back on the city. Great views.

North Sydney Outdoor Swimming Pool

Cost: $8

Essentials: Swim suit // Gogol’s // Towel //

Why: It is the Olympic swimming pool right next to the Harbor Bridge. It is a great way to cool off on a hot day. It has a cafe and lounge chairs to catch some sun. The pool is sea salt…keep your mouth shut when you jump in. It is right next to Luna Park as well.

Outdoor St George Cinema

Cost: $40

Essentials: Get there early to reserve your seat // They serve food and drink // Seat cushion provided//

Why: Whilst watching the movie the sun is setting and the nightsnsky is coming in over the city. It’s a special unique moment watching a movie with the bustle of the city going on behind the screen. I had friends get there late and they had to sit at the back and were given ponchos in case the bats had an accident. I would recommend getting there early so you can save a good bat free seat. These tickets usually sell out every summer pretty fast so book ahead.

Luna Park Rooftop Cinema

Cost: $22

Essentials: Blanket//Picnic

Why: Beautiful Autumn nights are perfect for a trip to Luna Park Rooftop Cinema. You are provided head phones which gives you great sound quality. The big Ferris wheel and harbour bridge are your back drop. There is a snack stand and you get a drink coupon for the bar afterwards. Check out there Cinema program before it’s all over on the 30th April!

Shark Island

Cost: Depends on which company you use…we used Discovery Cruise and it was bought on Groupon so keep a eye out for it.

Essentials: Sunscreen//Swimsuit//Camera//Water//

Why: My friend treated me to a cruise to Shark Island.We met early Saturday morning at Darling Harbour and boarded the boat at 9AM. The cruise to the Island took around 40min. They served a lovely morning tea and provided lots of facts as we cruised around the harbour. When we arrived at Shark Island we had 45mins to explore and have a snorkel. We chose to just have a wonder around the small Island. It’s views are incredible and you will take lots of photos. After that we were back on the boat and back in Darling harbour for noon. Lovely start to the weekend.

Whale Watching

Cost: $36 (Our voucher was purchased off Groupon)

Essentials: Layers//hat// sunglasses// sea sickness pills//camera//waterproof coat//

Why: You get the see these magnificent creatures jump out of the water. The boat leaves from darling harbour and goes out to sea in search of hump back whales. We found 3 and watched them swim along. We were lucky enough to see them breach 4 times….it was incredible! Be sure to wrap up and stay dry you do get a bit wet when the boat is flying out over the heads were it gets a bit choppy.

Cafe Sydney

Cost: A couple of 100 but well worth it for a treat.

Essentials: Appetite

Why: The restaurant is located in circular quay looking over the harbour. The food is lovely and the view is spectacular. It’s a great date night or one with the girls! It has to be on the bucket list for Sydney!