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Vivid Weekend Warrior Edition

Its the time of the year when the CBD is packed every weekend with people wanting to get that perfect picture of the sky line lit up!

Vivid Avoiding Crowds

My boyfriend was down last weekend from his project and he had said I don’t like crowds I don’t want to go to vivid. A small min trick later I had him in the Rocks and loan behold we were technically in Vivid but without the crowds.

I am fine with crowds they do not bother me and I love the vivid festival so I really wanted to go especially as he was down from Coffs for the weekend.

We got off the train at Martins place around 5:30 so it was dark and we walked down to the Rocks and through to the Palasides. I showed MC the view from the top of the bar which is a spectacular view of Sydney and its also a different view of Sydney Harbour.

We settled in the pub downstairs near a window and we could see the Vivid lights on the Shangri – La. We were joined by a few friends and had dinner in the pub which is good pub grub. Around 9:15PM we walked around to the the Theatre Bar. Yet again another great view of the Harbor Bridge and Luna Park. It was great watching all the boats on the water with there lights on for Vivid. The bar was very quiet and relaxing.

When you come out of the bar turn left and walk down the road a little way to the steps going up. At the top of those steps is a amazing view of the Sydney Opera House Sails.


Walking back through the Rocks we got told by a passer by to go up the alley way down the side of the pub ‘ Phillip Foote ‘ there is a Vivid exhibit using 3D graphics….it looks very cool on Boomerang app. Check out the video on my Instagram Keeks9272016


Vivid By Boat

I did a boat trip on Sunday with my house mate and it was fantastic. We bought the tickets through Groupon for $38 each. The boat was a catamaran and seated 30 people. You could bring alcohol on board if you wished. The boat supplied soft drinks wraps and sandwiches.


The boat was massive with room to walk about to get the perfect photo. The route went around to Darling Harbor where we caught the water show then back round to the Opera House and around the botanical gardens. Its a lovely way to experience the lights on the water. The company we went with was Sea Sydney Harbour.


Vivid By Foot

I am going by foot this week to Vivid with my friends since as MC is not a crowd lover. Once I have gone by foot I shall update this section. Hopefully going to check out the Botanical Gardens, The Rocks and maybe Martins Place!




Weekend Warrior Vol.3

The Royal National Park – This National Park is just a short drive out of Sydney. Grab a friend preferably one with  a car. There are a few well known spots to check out; Wedding Cake Rock, Eagle Head Rock and the Figure 8 Pools. All information on these walks can be found in the links above. Enjoy the sunny winter weekends in the bush!

Drink with a View – Dress up after dinner and go for a fancy drink. Find a reason to get your best on and head into the CBD. My favorite places for a treat would be the O Bar and the Shangri-La. We waited for a table with the Shangri-La and it was worth it, plus I think it was only a 15 min wait.  Vivid starts soon the sky line will look even better.

Open Water Course – Get a new hobby under your belt. I know its getting cold but don’t worry they provide you with wet suits and the course is cheaper in the off season. I did mine with Pro Dive in Coogee it was a great weekend. Early starts and long days but I felt extremely comfortable and confident with my diving skills by the end of the course. they have weekend and week day courses on offer.

Glebe Markets – The market is every Saturday and it is full of retro vintage treasures. There are lots of creative stands and second hand clothes. If your into vintage and recycling clothes check this market out and of course there is always a coffee stand so you can grab a hot coffee to keep you warm walking around the stalls.

Kmart Camping….

My last blog was about our time spent in South West Rocks…I thought I might try a few additional post about how we did it on a budget. Also decided to refer to my boyfriend as MC because boyfriend was getting used far to often.

We were both on budgets for the camping equipment as we do not know if we will use it that often and we have a trip home coming up as well as skiing to book. We bought everything from Kmart and I can not fault it. Below is a list of everything we used.


The only thing we needed which we didn’t have was a proper cool box. The sun did come out and a lot of our food went off before we could use it.


Equipment we bought for the trip

  • Tent – $109 We bought a 4 person tent which was a pop up. So easy to put up and down. It was also high enough for you to stand in. I did love our side windows as well, it was nice to see the sea in the morning.
  • Foam Mats – $10 These are used outside the tent so you can take your shoes off and not drag dirt or sand inside.
  • Portable Gas Stove – $20 We made diner and two breakfasts on the stove, it was brilliant easy to use.
  • Fleece Blanket – $18 This blanket really kept us warm at night and it made the tent look so homely having it at the foot of the bed during the day.
  • Gas for the Stove – $4 For three cans, we used two over the weekend.
  • Egg Carrier – $4 We only had a few casualties on the way up. 
  • Pot Pan – $10
  • Frying Pan – $20
  • Air Bed – $29 We got the biggest one which didn’t fill up the tent but gave us plenty of room and stayed inflated for a long time.
  • Pump – $6 Key for the bed.
  • Plastic Box – $25 I have stored nearly everything in this box and it made it easier to transfer everything up to the campsite.
  • Pillow – $8 It is shaped like a log and this may have been purchased for a cute factor.
  • Lantern – $30 MC bought this from Aldi. Very handy little purchase that had two small flash lights fold out of the lantern.
  • Pocket Knife – $10 Also bought from Aldi.
  • Table – $19 Well you don’t want to eat and cook on your knees.

Other things we already had /took from home

  • 2 camping chairs
  • Kettle
  • Scissors
  • Tongs
  • Bed sheet
  • Duvet
  • Plates /Cups/Mugs/Cutlery
  • Small cool box with two ice packs
  • Bin Bags
  • Bottles of Water
  • Chopping board

***Also download CamperMate app onto your phone it shows you all the campsites around Australia and breaks them down into price ranges.Lots of not so well known free sites on the app. ***

Budget Babe Update

It’s been over two weeks of living on my new budget. It has gone okay and I haven’t even stayed in on the weekends.

The food shop I did two weeks ago is still going as I am cooking for one. I have had to top up on a few basic items like bread and milk.
   For my tea (dinner) I have been mainly having pasta or rice dishes with chicken and veg, its so easy to make after my long day and very filling. Breakfast, I have been taking a tub of cereal into work each day and also taking a packed lunch. Doing those two simple things has help me save money and improve my diet.

The Weekends
This is were a lot of my money goes. The first weekend I did meet my friends at the pub but I went later and had a early night so I only bought threem drinks. This helped the bank account stay healthy and it helped my head the next day. I had planned to meet friends for a bush walk so I knew i would have to end my Saturday night at a decent hour avoiding temptation. The Sunday was taken up with our bush walk and I took a packed lunch which resulted in a day out with no money spent as my Opal (travel card) was on free travel.
    This past weekend I had a friend leaving so Saturday I spent in the pub doing the same routine as last Saturday only having three drinks. Sunday was my friends leaving meal and drinks it was a long afternoon and I managed it fine. I had my food my two drinks then switched to water. It was still enjoyable and cos you are drinking something you dont feel like you are missing out.

That is my update on my money saving scheme so far. Once I have a chunk built up then I wont have to save as much and can have a Friday treat of a coffee on the way to work instead of the free one at work. But if I want to travel then this is what I must do.

Photos of my first meal I cooked…domestic godess here I come! 😉


Budget Babe

Trying to save money and live in a city is close to impossible but sometimes the time comes when you really think….’shit I need some savings’. This month I am not spending money I am saving. I’m going to write how I go and cope missing out on a few social events. My Opal is topped up for work and I have done my food shop at Aldi and the butchers, ready to be a budget babe for a month!

***Side note I do not cook, I am 28 and I can not cook at all. I don’t enjoy it, maybe cos I am bad at it who knows…but I am going to have to cook as eating out is not a option this month***

The plan is easy…don’t spend. I have all my food supplies at home I just need to become organized. The weekend plan is not to stay in and binge on movies and series but to go out and do something with a packed lunch so I don’t go stir crazy.

I survived the first weekend not venturing out to any bars or lovely breakfasts. Instead Saturday I filled my day with a full food shop which took forever as I have not really done one before. I did my laundry for the week and then had a nice bath before watching a movie. I did miss out on a friends Birthday but I got filled in by my flatmate when she returned from Newtown. Sunday I went and did a coastal walk as the weather improved greatly. That afternoon I prepared for work as I get up at 5AM for my lengthy commute I need to have my stuff ready.

Ill write later on how I got on today and what I manged to create in the kitchen. Any easy recipes or tips let me know!

P.S I have given myself a $20 spend for the week on a treat!