Byron Bay (Finally!!)

Easter weekend 2018 MK and I went on a road trip to Byron Bay. I have been in Australia 3 years and had not made it to this famous Aussie Coastal town. I was hoping to bump into any type of Hemsworth whilst up there ...but no such luck. We decided to drive up, which … Continue reading Byron Bay (Finally!!)


No Plans.

We listened to the weather forecast and cancelled our weekend of camping. We should never have listened to the weather as the rain held off and it was decent. Our friends braved the forecast and it paid off hey had a great weekend down in Kiama. I was pretty bummed we stayed home and had … Continue reading No Plans.

East Coast Chaos

Two and a half weeks with your two best friends from home to explore the East Coast. It has been a whirlwind of late nights, long bus rides, hangovers, sea sickness, snorkelling, whale watching, four wheel driving, camping, dancing, laughing, sun burn, bridge climbs, beach days, koala cuddles, new friends, old friends and many more … Continue reading East Coast Chaos