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Spring Forward

I feel after this weekend it is safe to say winter is on its way out!

The weather was beautiful this weekend and perfect to get outside. Friday night was very relaxing with just having a quick bite to eat at The Ritz in Marrickville. The food is basic but good pub food and they also had live music on a Friday. The rest of the night was spent watching the Olympics…I just can not get enough of it all.

**Go Team GB**

Saturday I was at my partners house with his roommates and we just went to get a Vietnamese Roll from their local shop. Personally I am not a massive fan but they are obsessed with them. It is also ranked the number 2 place to eat in Marrickville, so I’ll put the link in this post. Once I was back home in Randwick it was usual weekend chores then a quick change for my friends Birthday. Disaster struck at 4PM when the restaurant we had booked all 20 of us into had a fire and had to remain shut this weekend. We did manage to get a booking at a Indian restaurant in Coogee called The Clove. Now back home Indian food is amazing and I have never really found anything as good here in Australia. The Clove though came very close it was great food and service to say they had to deal with 20 individual orders.The food was delicious and after way to much of it and wine we tackled a homemade Birthday cake before heading to Coogee Pavilion. I am honestly not the biggest fan of Coogee Pavilion…its just not usually my scene. But this Saturday I really enjoyed it having a few nice cocktails and playing table tennis and giant Jenga with friends was a great way to celebrate our friends Birthday.

The sun was out Sunday so it was straight to the beach in the morning with a coffee. A few brave swimmers ventures in but I was very content on the sand. The afternoon was spent in the Coogee Bay Hotel to watch the Conor McGregor fight. I am not a massive fan of UFC fighting at all but having a few Irish friends and a Irish boyfriend makes the fight a fun day out. I did miss the fight by a few seconds but the atmosphere doesn’t fade. The sun was out and so were the Sunday drinkers. Having to get up at the crack of dawn it was a early exit from the festive’s for some dinner and sleep. I have a suspicion a few of my friends did carry on and enjoyed Sunday night to the fullest.


Budget Babe

Trying to save money and live in a city is close to impossible but sometimes the time comes when you really think….’shit I need some savings’. This month I am not spending money I am saving. I’m going to write how I go and cope missing out on a few social events. My Opal is topped up for work and I have done my food shop at Aldi and the butchers, ready to be a budget babe for a month!

***Side note I do not cook, I am 28 and I can not cook at all. I don’t enjoy it, maybe cos I am bad at it who knows…but I am going to have to cook as eating out is not a option this month***

The plan is easy…don’t spend. I have all my food supplies at home I just need to become organized. The weekend plan is not to stay in and binge on movies and series but to go out and do something with a packed lunch so I don’t go stir crazy.

I survived the first weekend not venturing out to any bars or lovely breakfasts. Instead Saturday I filled my day with a full food shop which took forever as I have not really done one before. I did my laundry for the week and then had a nice bath before watching a movie. I did miss out on a friends Birthday but I got filled in by my flatmate when she returned from Newtown. Sunday I went and did a coastal walk as the weather improved greatly. That afternoon I prepared for work as I get up at 5AM for my lengthy commute I need to have my stuff ready.

Ill write later on how I got on today and what I manged to create in the kitchen. Any easy recipes or tips let me know!

P.S I have given myself a $20 spend for the week on a treat!