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Last Post 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope everyone is having a happy and safe break with family and friends. I’m currently on a island in the middle of Fiji and can’t sleep… so why not write my last post of the year?

Fiji is beautiful, a little worried that all my good healthy work may be undone but hopefully do some exercise over the next few days! See what the scales say when I’m home.

Everyone reflects at the end of the year and looks to the next. This year for me has been a big one with MK and I doing long distance for 7 months, going home after 3 years, meeting MKs family, my mum getting married, moving in together, visas(standard) and working hard. We have done a lot of trips this year and most have been local to NSW but I have loved every adventure! So grateful for all my friends new and old and of course my family!

I have done some writing to reflect on the past month and year. Caught up with friends and recapped the crazy year we had, it’s a great way to keep the mind mindful and calm.

I’m hoping over the next few days in Fiji on the sun lounger MK and I put our plan together for 2018 and reflect on our 2017. We have a end goal of living a alternative lifestyle and want to bring you guys on the journey. More to come on that in the start of the year. But ultimately we will be doing some videos to make it more interactive.

Great time of year to review your goals and plans for the future…I will be sharing mine in the next blog.

Until then I’ll be living on Fiji Time! Bula!!

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Biggest Loser Update!

I did it…I managed to knock a KG off the scales. Total of 2.5KG. I could not feel better. I have more energy, more focus and don’t feel bloated after a meal.

This weekend we did go out with friends for Christmas drinks. I did resist beer and wine. I had a few proseccos and that was it. On the Sunday we also did a walk across the Harbour bridge and some lengths of the pool in North Sydney. This pool is worth a venture to the other side of the bridge. Tired from the night out it was pretty slow going in the pool. After drying off in the sun MK walked back over the bridge and I took the ferry. For me personal after a night out a month ago I would have been eating everything in sight trying to manage my hang over. It was a little step in showing myself I have changed my motivation by swimming away the cobwebs.

A blog coming this week on how I made my non eating calendar for $20. I also received a gift colander from my mum with Body Shop products behind each door. Can’t wait for the 1st December to hit!!!!

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No Plans.

We listened to the weather forecast and cancelled our weekend of camping. We should never have listened to the weather as the rain held off and it was decent.

Our friends braved the forecast and it paid off hey had a great weekend down in Kiama. I was pretty bummed we stayed home and had no plans. I was trying to see the positive in the situation (it took me a while) but we did have a good weekend.

We just did simple tasks which we have been wanting to do. A BBQ was finally purchased for the balcony, we spent up vouchers received from friends and we visited two Christmas warehouses in Alexandria as it is nearly upon us.

The balcony is ready for summer. I wrote my last blog out on the balcony with my incense sticks burning and a cup of tea. It was a relaxing few hours. I think I’ll be spending more time out there. For Christmas this year we are having friends round for a BBQ instead for presents. I can’t wait to use it! I almost want to call the balcony my room. Also somewhere for me to watch my Netflix shows as a certain someone will not give Riverdale a chance. Quick side note we are addicted to Sinner on Netflix starring Jessica Biel.

Photo of my new office!

This weekend my sister and I are going to the spa at the Langham Hotel in the Rocks. We were lucky enough to receive a gift voucher. I shall let you know how we get on. Hopefully creating a homemade advent calendar and finding some Christmas bargains!!!!! Keep up with what I find on my Insta story.

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Walking away…

This weekend was full of sun! Still need to get out of the mind set “need to make the most of it” as it will be sunny most weekends now.

I knocked another walk off my list. I did the Manly North heads walk. I got the ferry across and started the walk from the wharf. It went along the coast then cut up through Manly to the North Heads Park.

There are signs everywhere and if you do go wrong google will guide you. Once in the park we followed the signs to the City Look Out Point and then to the Fairfax Look Out Point. There is a cafe and water station in there. The views were lovely. The camera got used quite a lot. It’s all on a foot path so easy on the feet. There is a short walk called Memorial Walk which has what looks like a brand new tribute for veterans.

In all we did just under 10K, good work out. It was nice to see more of Manly as well. Just have to prepare yourself for the packed ferry back to Sydney and the mad rush at Circular!

We got the 9:28am ferry from Circular and we were back at the wharf eating lunch around 12:30.

Also went to the Open Air Cinema in Newtown Saturday night. It was in support of the community centre there and to open the Newtown Festival. Sunday was the festival and from the photos on twitter a lot of people showed up for the day. Hopefully lots of money raised!

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Biggest Loser Update.

First week done! I did loose 1/2kg this week. I think I could have lost a lot more but the Melbourne Cup happened. Which meant one of my swimming days took a hit and I drank booze on a week day. It was my first MC day in the city and it was great… glad I joined in. Although I must give myself credit I did not eat the spread work put on I stuck to my salad…it was also like the best spread I have even seen at a work function! Also Wednesday stress took over and I ate a bag of crisps…these have been my bad moments.

I did how ever do my first weekend of eating healthy. On Sunday I resisted wine and crisps whilst I watched a movie with MK. I let him enjoy them I had a glass of water and celery sticks with the dip. I had coffee with a few girl friends and I had my lunch at home before I met them. Having lunch before hand made it a lot easier to have a coffee and resist buying a cake as well. 
My realisation from the choices I made above was the world did not end and I didn’t pass out from starvation by resisting temptation. 
It’s all in your head and you just have to fight it. Some other changes I made are one cup of tea a day any more I have green tea. Drinking water with every meal helps me make sure I am drinking water all day…I tend to forget when I am at home to keep up the water in take. At work I am checking the milk to make sure I use only the Fat Free Milk (it looks so weird but doesn’t taste to bad). I have a goal to exercise 3x a week so far I’ve done one so I have to get two more sessions in by Monday. 

Overall I don’t feel like I did my best this week but I conquer a lot of demands so it gives me that push to nail next week and have a full week of clean eating! 

Any more tips let me know!
No photos this week. Haven’t been out with the camera as it has been a crazy work week!

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A little bit of Reflection on a Monday.

I got a really positive reaction from my last blog post. Thanks for everyone who reached out. Good to know I am not on m own on this new journey.  Update on Thursday on how I am going with the new clean and healthy life style.

I have asked myself why was it so relate-able and popular?

I think the blog post connected with a lot of people because… I am you.

I don’t have people paying me to put brands in my posts, life is not spent globe trotting from one paradise to the next and I don’t have a bunch of photos of myself on my Instagram taken by a professional photographer…Don’t get me wrong, I am sure if I could make money through photos and sponsors which enabled me to travel the world I’d be all over that, but that’s not my life. I only have a certain amount of holiday per year and my office is in a actual office building not some remote beach with Wifi.

I started my blog before I left traveling and my main two reasons were to practice my writing as it was never a strong skill of mine and for everyone back home so they knew I was okay and i wouldn’t have to send the same messages over and over again. Lazy group email alternative really… Through my trip around Asia and creating my life in Australia I have changed and matured and I guess maybe my writing has as well. I will keep you all updated with my trips but maybe a few entries will be about how wonderfully confusing life can be (and obviously about my battle with the biscuit tin at work).

Just going to share a few of my favorite Instagram accounts below…because what is better then getting a little bit lost in some amazing photos on a wet Monday afternoon…

Humansofny – When I used Facebook I loved this page and there Insta page is the same set up. Stories which will touch your heat and photos that say a thousand words.


ig_australia – A community of photographers around Australia and if you like landscape pictures….this is for you!


elayna_c – This lady sails around the world with her boyfriend. They met in Greece just after he bought a boat and they started filming short videos….now this is what funds thier life style. Incredible story.


chrishorsley_ – The guy climbs into Volcano’s for his job…enough said!


grimgrinningteresa – I read about this lady in the Huff Post she had a Disney themed wedding her photos are pretty much all Disney and who doesn’t like photos from the happiest place on earth.


Hartmanoutdoorphotography – Meet Shelley who was traveling around the USA in her car being a location wedding photographer. I have fallen in love with her pictures.


Does anyone else write or keep a journal?

If you have any blogs / Instagram accounts I should check out please send them my way!


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Biggest Loser

I have started to plan next years adventures. Fiji is where we will be for Christmas and New Years Eve.  Hopefully if work okay it I will be off for 4 weeks with a trek to Base Camp Everest and then two weeks in India where I will hopefully meet up with a friend from home.

Big plans and lots of adventure on the cards…but there is only one thing holding me back. That is my fitness. Safe to say my metabolism disappeared when I had my first sip of beer. I got away with it for a while at University with working in a restaurant and playing netball but in my adult life its caught up with me.

Traveling does not make you fit or skinny …well for me it didn’t. Your diet is out of whack and you are constantly socializing so your beer intake goes up. Yes you lug around a big back pack but it doesn’t quite balance out. Now I need to get my butt in gear so I am not held back from what I love…adventure.

I have spent the past few weeks finding out what exercise I suit and find works for me. I found that swimming seems to be for me. On top of swimming I quite like Yoga and I am trying to that twice a week to work my stress and build inner core as I have 0. After all of this MK and I are still planning on doing hikes to get our legs and walking boots warmed up!

At home we eat well and have a healthy dinner and for lunch it is salad so its okay. Its more the temptations at work and the biscuit tin which is my weakness. I have also cut down to one English Breakfast tea a day and the rest Green Tea. Alcohol is a big part of my weekend socializing with friends I have to start trying to make better choices. Choosing the Gin and tonic instead of a glass of wine.

 I am planning to reflect on how I have done every Thursday and hopefully and have a photo update every month to hold myself accountable. It can be done just need to get on with it and look after myself. 

Reach out if your on the same path or have any tips!