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$$ Sydney for Free $$

Due to certain events in my adult life I am currently having to fork out most of my wage and with a holiday coming up fast in December I am having to pull those purse strings in.  It doesn’t matter what has happened but I am having to pay a lot out at the minuet. I am trying very hard to view it all in a positive light…but for anyone that lives in a city its hard to stay in and save. Every weekend there is something fun happening or someone turning another year older.

For the next two pay checks my funds are very tight in my fun money fund…

Which means no nights out as you can not do these on a budget with the drinks, the food and Ubers home also the hang over food binge the next day… its just a big no no for me. There is the optimistic side of me which sees this time as the time to loose weight and become the health guru I have always wanted to be…doubtful I know.

I also have this thing where I can not stay in on weekends so I am going to have to fill them with lots of things which cost me next to nothing. First things first time to cash in all the gift vouchers you can find.  I found two from last Christmas one is a spa day which I will save and the other is cooking lessons with my boyfriend, sister and her boyfriend. We are doing them today at Sydney’s Cooking School. Today is sorted...check it out on my Instagram story.

Below is a list of as many things I can do for a free or very small cost…I am going to drag my friends and boy friend on as many as I can do over the next 6 weeks and I’ll let you know how they go! (I will see if Groupon has any good deals as well)

** If anyone has any more suggestions please leave a comment and Ill add it to the list**

  • Dog Walking at a Shelter
  • Coastal Walk
  • Manly-Split Walk
  • Sydney’s free walking tour
  • Picnic in Vacluse
  • Snorkeling at the beach
  • Walking in the national park
  • Walking in Blue Mountains
  • Camping
  • Cheap Tuesday Cinema Tickets
  • Royal Botanical Park
  • The Federation Cliff Walk
  • North Head Sanctuary
  • Sydney Art Gallery
  • The Rocks Discovery Museum
  • Paddington Markets
  • Murray Rose Pool
  • Beach at Sun Rise and a Coffee
  • Sydney Fish Market
  • Carriage Works Farmer Markets

East Coast Chaos

Two and a half weeks with your two best friends from home to explore the East Coast. It has been a whirlwind of late nights, long bus rides, hangovers, sea sickness, snorkelling, whale watching, four wheel driving, camping, dancing, laughing, sun burn, bridge climbs, beach days, koala cuddles, new friends, old friends and many more experiences. 

Our route started flying from Sydney to Cairns; Port Douglas, Cairns, Missions Beach, Magnetic Island, Airlie Beach, Whit Sunday’s (Wings 2 boat), Rainbow Beach, Fraser Island ( Dingos Tour) and finally finishing in Brisbane.

We organised the trip with Peter Pans Travel Agencey. It was extremely easy they booked all our big trips for Whitsundays and Fraser, all our accomidation which we were very happy with. It was the best way for us to book our trip as we wanted to do everything but didn’t have much time and with the help of Peter Pan we got it all in.  I just decided to list a few things people shouldn’t miss out on. 

My must sees;

Cairns: If you have not dived before take advantage of the intro dives on the Great Barrier Reef boats it was the highlight of my trip in Cairns.

Mission Beach: If you want to relax and kick back stay at Jackaroo hostel. The hostel has a beautiful view and you feel like you are staying in a giant tree house.

Magnetic Island: Rent a car to explore the island the buses are very slow and far and few in between. We rented a Topless car which made zooming around the island fun.

Whitsundays: Wings 2 looked after us and made sure we had a fantastic two days on the water. I have also done power play which was also a amazing boat. 

Fraser Island: The Dingo tour was amazing. It was my favourite part of the trip. The tour guide was brilliant and the driving and camping was a lot of fun. The sky at night was the most amazing sky I have ever witnessed, well worth the walk to the beach at night just don’t forget your dingo stick!


Brisbane: Well worth the effort of getting to Australia Zoo the crocodiles and koalas were the highlight of the visit and even I had a cuddle with a koala.