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3 Years of Blogging & City2Surf

I have taken a step back from the blogging these past two months.

The break was mainly due to a trip back home to England after 3 years in Australia and a visit to my boyfriends home, Ireland. I just logged back on tonight. I find writing about all the stuff I get up to therapeutic. Not sure whether people enjoy the blog or not but now I think its more for me.

Well WordPress and I have been writing together for 3 years…I have blogged my trip around South East Asia and all the adventures and trips I have done in Australia.

Big changes happening in the personal life, moving in with my boyfriend, visa’s (whats new) and trying to get fit!

We have booked our Christmas holiday to Fiji and started hiking for our base camp hike  next year. Looking forward to those trips…I am sure there will be a few small ones in between with the trusty tent.

A few blogs to tackle about our trip home and moving..these will be after I have tackled the Ikea furniture in our living room. I have realized  I was not meant to be a Ikea customer as we have had a few issues putting everything together.

I also ran/ walked the City2Surf this past weekend to raise awareness and money for MS. Our family has had a personal connection with this disease it felt good to help raise some funds. If you would like to give to my donate page click on the link below…everything helps!

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Here’s to another 3 years of blogging this adventure we are on …








Rain, Rain Go Away…

The past three weeks in Sydney have been very wet. Being from England I wouldn’t think the rain would bother me… but it did. I found it hard to fill my weekends!!

There are a few activities to get you out the house in Sydney when the weather is not on your side…

Sky Zone – One Sunday we tried out the Sunday deal at Sky Zone; three hours of Jump for twenty bucks. Sky Zone is a trampolining and climbing venue. There are two arenas with trampolines covering the floor and all around the sides. In one area the staff held a dodge ball game. There was also a foam pit area where you can run and flip into a pool of foam. It is a incredible work out and I would be very impressed if you managed the full three hours. You do have to purchase the special jumping socks which are only two dollars and you can use again and again. It does get very hot in there but as you have three hours you can take a break by the fan area and cool off. They do have a small café in case you need to refuel. You can lock all your important bits into a lockers but I would recommend taking your phone for some fun Boomerang videos!


Burrow Bar / Wofies – My dad was in town and the weather did not improve on the Friday afternoon. I needed a bar that would not be full of happy hour lovers. Burrow Bar was perfect choice. It was busy, it had a good atmosphere but you could also have a good conversation. The bar is down a alley way opposite Wynyard station. After a few drinks we had dinner at Wolfies. Despite the rain you can still sit outside under cover and have a great view of the Opera House. This restaurant is perfect if you have guests. It provides a incredible view and a menu to serve all tastes


T2 – Yes!! I finally got around to watching Trainspotting. I checked out Dendy cinema in Newtown to watch Trainspotting 2. Incredible movie and lovely little cinema. Dendy also has a bar if you fancy a glass of wine with your film. We grabbed dinner before the movie at Thai Pothong across the street from the cinema. If you like Thai food you have to check it out. The place is huge but always busy. We booked so we did not have to wait in line in the rain. Check out there website here.


East to West

I have just moved into my new house and new area. I have moved from the beaches of the Eastern suburbs to the Inner West.

The two suburbs could not be more different. It is nice to be living in a house again with a garden but I am sure I will miss the beaches being just 10 mins away. Excited to see what I get up to this summer. Summer will be very different living near Newtown and having a boyfriend in Coffs…I expect a few weekends away up the coast on the cards.

I have  two new housemates. I am finally mingling with the locals as one is Australian! The other is English and just moved out so we have another one who has just moved into the house and has been in Sydney about 30 seconds. A lot of change but I guess this why we leave home as the same old just didn’t suit.


Its nice to meet people who have just moved to Australia. I met  a lad from Northern England on Saturday night in a bar and he was just so excited to talk to someone from home. He was also just full of excitement about starting his new adventure in Australia. He was listing all the places he wants to visit and asking me questions about the dreaded farm work. I think after the first 6 months into Australia you take living near a beach and having hot weather for granted. You take for granted all the amazing weekends up the coast, visiting Melbourne, drinks in the office on a Friday and how seeing the Sydney Opera House on your daily commute. It is only when you start talking to someone who has just landed look back on all the crazy nights and experiences you go through when living abroad and trying to start a new life. We are lucky to be out here and to have and experience all we do but we have also worked so hard and gone without a lot to stay and build a life out here in a foreign country.

After this weekend of lovely weather Id say Summer 2016/17 has begun…