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Zip-lining through NSW

On our last day over the long weekend we went to Illawarra Fly Treetop for the afternoon.

We drove up from Kiama which is a scenic drive. It is a lot cooler up there so make sure you take a sweater to pop on. We had signed up to do the zip lining which included a ticket to do the Treetop walk.

At the entrance there is a cafe and lockers. Make sure you have your camera or phone on a strap you are allowed no loose items on the zip line. They do sell covers with a string for phones at the ticket office.

You go into a hut for a safety brief and to have all your equipment fitted. I am really afraid of heights and I have been working on this. The safety talk really helped calm my nerves…plus seeing 6 year old children in the group helped me think I could do this.

You walk to the start of the course which is on the side of the valley. The course consists of 3 zip lines and 2 suspension bridges. The bridges were my biggest challenge as I had to look down to get across. There is someone at each station to help you set off and someone to help you land safely from the zip line.

The course goes across he valley and you are at one point around 35 meters high. The views are great and flying over the trees is a lot of fun. The zip lines are clamped on to the tree to prevent damaging it. They also have people out to make sure nothing is damaging the forest. It goes across the valley because they didn’t want to move any trees for the course.

After the zip-lining we did the Treetop walk which has the most amazing views. If you are brave enough you can walk up the tower and to the end of the suspension walk which does move around in the wind.

Unfortunately we didn’t have anything for our camera to be attached to us so we have no photos….just one of the trees on the drive up!


Camping Season.

Summer is starting to appear which means… camping season is here!!!

We have already dusted off the tent and went away the long weekend at the end of September.

Having left it last minute we really struggled to find a campsite…FYI long weekends in Australia book up so fast don’t do what we did. Luckily our friends who are also tent warriors went camping to Kiama and let us know about a site they stayed on and it so happened to have a few spots left on the long weekend.

The campsite Killalea is in a national park which is home to two Surf reserves. It’s only a hour and a half drive out of Sydney. Perfect for a weekend escape out of the city. There is a locked gate if you arrive late at night and your access code is in the confirmation email ( we did not figure this out and tailgated someone in) don’t tail gate as you can get a fine. The sites are all marked out with logs and have a fire burner on each site. The reception sells fire wood. There is also a kitchen and a bathroom block. We didn’t use the kitchen apart from the kettle and the sinks to wash up. But the grills were always busy so must be in good working conditions.


You can walk to both beaches. We walked to Mystic beach and then drove down to “The Farm” beach. The beaches are beautiful long stretches and obviously the sea is full of waves and surfers. It is not a swimming beach but its great to go and lay out and watch the surfers. You are provided a map and there are also signs to the footpath for the beach. You are a 10 minute drive into Kiama which is the nearest town.

Kiama is well known for the blow hole (also Kiama is aboriginal for blow hole). It is a small coastal town very pretty and has old style shops. There are lots of places to eat. We ate at the Hungry Monkey for breakfast – great food and great service. Ritzy Gritz for dinner – the food was okay nothing special but we did have good service. Thai @ Kiama – we had our last dinner there which was really good Thai and good service. You just need to book on a weekend in this town. We didn’t on the first night and struggled to get in anywhere.

We spent the day on the beach at the campsite on one of the days. Sunday we explored the area. We walked over to Cathedral Rocks which are a jagged rock formation on the coast. There were lots of fisherman  on the rocks so watch out for there catch of fish in the rock pools. To get to the rocks we walked through Boneyard Beach. We tried Bombo Beach but again it was rough seas for surfing not made for a dip. We decided to head back to Boneyard beach as the water was calm and we could lay on the grass. Added bonus there were loads of dogs around. MK was brave enough for a dip and did a but of snorkeling. He said there were a few fish but it was to cold to stay in there for to long. The shops in Kiama are full of vintage treasures, home made food, English treats (yes there is a English shop), candles, dream catchers and many more well being hippie type of shops….which we love!


We will be back down in Kiama in November with the surf board and hopefully warmer water 🙂


$$Budget Sydney-when it doesn’t work out$$

This weekend was a lot of ups and downs. I wanted to cross another activity off my list …camping. I had everything ready Thursday night so we could make a quick escape after work. MK decided he didn’t want to leave that late on a Friday and I didn’t think there was much point going Saturday morning as the campsite was 3 hours away…we were once again in Sydney for the weekend. 
I was not to happy about this but Saturday turned out to be really productive and a lot of those things on the to do list got crossed off….we were adulting well for a few hours 🤜🏼
I did go out for lunch at a cafe in Marrickville called Roastville cafe. It does a amazing breakfast but I tried the lunch options. I had the chicken waffles and a coffee. The portion sizes were massive so you leave very full and the food tasted unreal …I was one happy customer!

That evening we caught the bus into Newtown and went to Dendy to finally see I.T

I am the biggest fan of scary movies. I loved I.T it was scary, smart, funny and charming. The storyline was brilliant and the young actors in the movie did a great job of not making it cheesy. 

Walking back to the bus stop we decided to stop off for a drink and try a new bar (favourite hobby). I got to pick and I chose The Midnight Special…it’s a small bar blasting rock and roll / blues music. The place is covered in retro posters and spray paint. I only took one photo of the toilets. It had a chilled atmosphere and great music. Nice little find on the way home.

As I spent a bit of money on Saturday I wanted a low key Sunday. Since as I didn’t knock off camping this weekend we decided to try knock going for a hike off the list. We found a hike around Hornsby that was 6K. We drove out to Hornsby but you can get there by train. 

We walked to the start of the trail according to the map and could not find the entrance to the track at all. We did come across Mountain biking tracks which looked a lot of fun and new. We came to the conclusion the walk did not exist and the biking tracks must have replaced it. Bit of a failure on the hike front. We did grab a coffee in Dee Why though and sat on the beach with our big walking boots on. The sun was out and it got me excited for summer!


Lunch $25

Cinema Ticket $21

Two Beers $18

Coffee $4
Total weekend spend $68 probably around $75 with transport fees as well. 

$$ Budget Sydney $$

I stayed in last weekend and it was okay. I decided on Sunday to knock off one of the items I listed in my last blog about budget. I got the train to St James. Then I walked up to the top of Botanical Gardens and through the park to Mrs Maquire Chair. MK has been in Australia for 5 years and had never been so I decieded I’d show him one of the top tourist attractions in Australia. On the way I stopped at the Pop of Bar in there Busby’s for our Sunday treat. I had a gin and tonic looking over the Opera House and the harbour bridge. 

After our drink we made it to the chair area which was surrounded by tourists. Then we decided to head back around the Opera House to see if we could spot the seal. There is a seal that likes to sunbath at the Opera House stairs. Unfortunately the seal was not home when we got there. We continued to walk round the Opera House and to Circular Quey where we joined the Yes Rally which was going on in the CBD. We stayed and listened to the speakers and watched everyone in there colourful outfits and amazing signs. We decieded to go home via Wynyard as Circular Quey was packed! 

The sun was out all afternoon it was beautiful. It was very calm and relaxing afternoon taking in those beautiful city views I feel we take for granted. 


Train to St James: $2.56

Train from Wynyard $0.16

Gin and Tonic $ 10
So in total for the weekend I spent $12.72 
Believe me it was so tempting to sit there all day and have some Sunday drinks…but for now this will do ☺️

Boats & Beer

My friends just had their engagement party at the weekend. They decided to have a boat party on the harbor.While it is warm during the day right now it can drop at night. Everyone wrapped up warm for Saturday’s antics.

The boat picked you up from Darling Harbor and it was BYO (Bring Your Own). If you do BYO you do have to provide a meal for each person to be in line with the RSA laws. To get around this as cost efficiently as possible my friends put on a BBQ and bought a lot of cheap meat and nibbles from good old Aldi. The boat was 45 bucks each and we cruised round the harbor listening to music for 4 hours.

It had a bar inside on the lower deck and sofa seats down both sides so plenty of room for bags, coats and room for people stand in the warmth. The top deck was open and had benches down the sides as well. I spent most of the night up there and it was not to cold and the views were amazing…you did need your coat but it wasn’t freezing.

It was a amazing night and would recommend it for engagement parties, birthdays or any reason to get everyone together.

If anyone wants any company recommendations leave me a comment and I’ll pass on some links.



Yorkshire Holiday.

Probably not the most well known place in England to people around the world. But I am from Yorkshire which in present time means…I sound like John Snow.  I just had my first visit home in over two years and I wanted to write a blog on what I got up to and how it went. This might be over a few entries.

Living abroad is hard…I know I have said it before but there is a lot of blood, sweat and visa money behind those killer Instagram posts where we seem to always be having the best weekend. People back home are under the illusion we are living the high life at ease….it is a great life don’t get me wrong but it is a tough one at times. Everyone has had there rough patches trying to make it in a land outside of their own. When going to visit the homeland you always have a guard up and don’t really talk openly about what you are doing or your plans as you always have the fear that you are coming across bragging. I didn’t want to be like this when I met up with my friends and family.

I did meet up with a few people and I said nothing about my life. I just asked questions and people where happy to answer and not ask me anything. After a few of these conversations I thought I probably wont be making much of a effort with these people again. What is the point of a friendship if you cant talk openly and have mutual interest in each others lives?

Luckily those conversations where very few…I mainly had great conversations catching up with friends, babies and meeting new partners.


The biggest change to meeting up with people would have to be seeing my University friends. We have all known each other for over 7 years now. We grew up together; drank cheap beer, pulled all nighter’s with assignments, lent each other money, shared many a cheesy chips and supported each other into the adult working world. Through out the years the group has been in many different countries and stages at life. Instead of meeting at the pub and having a good night out this time we met at Butterfly World or as its known now Tropical World. It was the first time we had all been in the same country for years…

Yorkshire put on its best weather for our Uni reunion. Instead of a nice beer garden we were all in the Cafe at Tropical World in Leeds. There were two new additions to the group and one on the way….yes little humans started to join our gang. There were also partners we hadn’t met which was nice to finally put a face to all the stories we had heard about. It was a tense awkward few minuets then someone just took the lead and went round the table asking questions which broke the ice. We wondered around the Tropical House, the gardens through round hay park to grab a ice cream and of course it was always going to happen… we ended up in a beer garden. We did have a bit of time reflecting on our university days which just makes you feel insanely old and have no idea how time has gone by so fast. It was a massive highlight of my trip getting to spend a full day with the whole lot of them. I did manage to get to see a few again before I left.


The lesson I learnt after my visit home… to really focus on the important people around you. To not bow to pressure to meet up with people who are only interested in telling you about there life and not willing to share the conversation.

The rest of my time in Yorkshire was spent meeting up with people. I did do two things I want to write about. I did attend the Yorkshire Show for the first time ever and I also watched my mum walk down the aisle. Obviously the biggest part of the trip was the wedding and it was a very special day which I want to share in a blog. So working on two new blogs about the Yorkshire Show and my mums wedding day in the Yorkshire Dales. Also cracking on with the Ireland blog entry as well.

Let me know if you have the same struggles or experiences visiting home in the comments section.

Enjoy the Weekend!






Run the Rainbow!

Two weekends ago I did the Colour Run with my boyfriend and two of our friends. We bought early bird tickets at $45 ….I highly recommend grabbing the early bird ones as $80 for a full price ticket n my eyes is not worth it.

Freebies –  you get a t-shirt, head band, number and  a #happy tattoo.

There is a free shuttle from Central which we used to get to the park. There is a ‘Colour Run Festival’ which is where you finish and start the race. It is a great place at the end of the race to unwind.


The start line takes a good 20 minuets to get through but the music is pumping and there are a few radio DJ’s getting you all hyped up for the run. You start running through a shuttle of foam. The run winds round the park with music blaring out and 3 colour sections where volunteers throw powder over you. Right before the end there is another foam section.

The powder easily comes off and the volunteers throw it at the lower part of your body.so don’t be afraid it wont end up in your eyes.

Once over the finish line and unicorn medal collected we went back to the festival. After getting some food from one of the many food trucks and throwing paint around to music we headed home. Overall its a fun morning with friends but I wouldn’t be rushing back to do it again….if your into photos its a great chance to get some cool shots with friends.


 Tips for The Colour run:

  • Sign up so you can grab the early bird tickets
  • Its a fun run I wouldn’t recommend it if you want a serious time on a 5K
  • Pop your iPhone in a zip lock bag
  • Pick up your stuff and sign in the day before
  • No bag drop so you bring it you run with it
  • Arrive early to avoid the big line at the start
  • Have fun and get involved with the colour and foam!!

***I know I typed Colour with a U through the whole article but its to hard not too ***


Click Here for a link to see when the next Colour Run is near you!