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Winter Camping in NSW

A couple of weeks ago now I packed up the car and hit the road last minuet for a camping trip with a friend. We did not want to travel far but needed a break from the city.

I asked one of my camping pro friends and she suggested Coledale Camp Site so we decided to check it out.

I keep all my camping stuff in a big plastic box and clean it after every use…this was extremely handy this weekend. We set off Saturday morning and I threw the plastic box, table and tent into the car.

The drive was easy and scenic. We merged onto the coastal road and winded through lots of small coastal towns until we hit Coledale. The campsite is right on the beach and has all the basic facilities you would need. The campsite is close to the RSL and the town making it a short walk for a drink or dinner.


It was extremely windy when we arrived. We set the tent up battling the wind and then headed into the town for lunch. Most of the cafes stop serving at 2PM but we did eventually find one in Thirroul called Revive 2515. The cafe does sandwiches cakes and wraps. We grabbed a sandwich and got a cake to go. There is also a Coles in Thirroul were we grabbed some last minuet things.

The rest of the night consisted of making dinner a walk on the beach and a fair bit of wine! On the Sunday we ha d a quick breakfast at Earth Walker which very tasty. Then back in the car with a pit stop we planned. We stopped in Helenburgh to see the abandoned train tunnels.


There are three tunnels in total. I would recommend wearing good shoes as it is extremely muddy. The tunnels are super creepy but make for good photos they look like they have come right out of a American horror movie.

Any of these towns around Coledale are ideal for a weekend escape with your tent. From the inner west it took us just over a hour to get there it was short and pretty drive. It was cold but we had enough blankets to keep us warm and a hot shower in the morning to warm us up.


Summer Feeds

Just a few places I’ve tried out the past month in Sydney…all links to the websites are in the heading just click on the name.

Milky Lane – Bondi

We went here for a Birthday meal. The venue is very cool street art all over the walls with murals of everyone’s favorite hip hop artists. The place has a lot of energy with a DJ playing. It is known for its burgers so of course I had to have one. It is pretty hard to pick as all the burgers look incredible  ( a great Instagram account for this restaurant). I tried the pulled pork burger which melted in my mouth very tasty. A few friends split burgers so you could try more then one. The deserts are massive and visually looked great … I didn’t have enough room to try one but I would head back here in a heart beat as the menu had so  much to offer.


Jamie’s Italian & The O Bar – CBD

Last weekend I had date night with my boyfriend and we wanted to go to the city. We tried out Jamie’s Italian. I booked a table online and would recommend booking especially on a weekend. We ate early around 6PM and there was a line of people waiting for a table when we arrived. The staff were lovely very helpful with the menu. I tried the egg plant and he had mussels and pasta. We shared a starter which was on the small side, I would probably have got one each. The food and wine were delicious and to say it was in the city center the price was very reasonable. Just around the corner from the restaurant is the O Bar on the 47th floor. Strict dress code on the bar so dress to impress. We got seated at a table I asked to be put on the wait list for a window seat and in 10 minutes we had one. The bar rotates giving you 360 degree views of Sydney. We had a few cocktails Espresso Martini, Orchard Crush and Mojito they were all very tasty. For a special date night or if you have visitors in town the O Bar is worth a visit to show off Sydney’s sky line.


Lentil as Anything – Newtown

The original Lentil as Anything opened in Melbourne. The idea behind this place is it survives off donations. There is no pricing on the menu. The menu changes everyday depending on what food is donated to them. I went on a Friday night and some how we got seated straight away. It is a fast paced experience as soon as you are seated you are asked what you would like to order. There was a choice of about four dishes on the chalk board. I quickly selected a Mexican bowl and with in five minutes it was in front of me. The menu is always vegetarian. The food was unbelievable so tasty and filling. I had Mexican beans, rice, humus and flat bread. To pay for your meal it is by donation. There is a leaflet on the table to help you decide what on a amount you should donate. There is a big box on the way out where you make your donation. I cant wait to head back there its a incredible idea. Check out the website for there story and everything they done for the community so far.

The Grounds – Alexandria

I met a bunch of friends here on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The place is massive and has so many different areas to explore…the potting shed, the grounds,the farm, the flower shop and the market stalls. The Grounds even has a bus on a weekday to help customers get to and from the venue. Its a beautiful venue which makes you forget you are in the concrete jungle. We ate in the Potting shed restaurant. I went for the mussels which were very good there was just a lot of them that were shut. I didn’t get that many out of the bowl. After enjoying some food and wine we had a walk around and met Kevin Bacon. I wish we had got there a little earlier as the market and flower shop had shut. You could easily spend all of your Sunday in this place. Yet again this is a place I would go back and spend a little longer.





Spring Forward

I feel after this weekend it is safe to say winter is on its way out!

The weather was beautiful this weekend and perfect to get outside. Friday night was very relaxing with just having a quick bite to eat at The Ritz in Marrickville. The food is basic but good pub food and they also had live music on a Friday. The rest of the night was spent watching the Olympics…I just can not get enough of it all.

**Go Team GB**

Saturday I was at my partners house with his roommates and we just went to get a Vietnamese Roll from their local shop. Personally I am not a massive fan but they are obsessed with them. It is also ranked the number 2 place to eat in Marrickville, so I’ll put the link in this post. Once I was back home in Randwick it was usual weekend chores then a quick change for my friends Birthday. Disaster struck at 4PM when the restaurant we had booked all 20 of us into had a fire and had to remain shut this weekend. We did manage to get a booking at a Indian restaurant in Coogee called The Clove. Now back home Indian food is amazing and I have never really found anything as good here in Australia. The Clove though came very close it was great food and service to say they had to deal with 20 individual orders.The food was delicious and after way to much of it and wine we tackled a homemade Birthday cake before heading to Coogee Pavilion. I am honestly not the biggest fan of Coogee Pavilion…its just not usually my scene. But this Saturday I really enjoyed it having a few nice cocktails and playing table tennis and giant Jenga with friends was a great way to celebrate our friends Birthday.

The sun was out Sunday so it was straight to the beach in the morning with a coffee. A few brave swimmers ventures in but I was very content on the sand. The afternoon was spent in the Coogee Bay Hotel to watch the Conor McGregor fight. I am not a massive fan of UFC fighting at all but having a few Irish friends and a Irish boyfriend makes the fight a fun day out. I did miss the fight by a few seconds but the atmosphere doesn’t fade. The sun was out and so were the Sunday drinkers. Having to get up at the crack of dawn it was a early exit from the festive’s for some dinner and sleep. I have a suspicion a few of my friends did carry on and enjoyed Sunday night to the fullest.


Summer Ventures

Figure 8 Pools

I went twice to the figure pools this summer. The first trip it was a hot sunny day and the second trip was a muggy over clouded one. The pools in either weather are an amazing sight to experience. The walk to the pools is downhill across a beach then across rocks, which to me who is extremely clumsy was a challenge. The hill on the way back up is very steep and I would not recommend this climb during the mid-day sun. There is one perfect figure eight pool and a selection of other shaped pools around. Most of them are very deep and you can jump in. The first trip we spent a lot of time in the pools and exploring them. The second trip as it was a little bit chillier we did not go in the pools as the sea was rough.

When going to the figure 8 pools check the tide times as people have been hurt out there. The sea can creep up on you with some big waves. Take lots of water, the climb back up to the car is long and all uphill.

Link for more information on the Figure 8 pools


St Georges Open Air Cinema

I attended St George Open Air cinema it is a outdoor cinema with the city sky line, Opera House and the Harbour Bridge all in your eye line whilst watching a flick. I would advise that you arrive as it opens to reserve your seating and then you can go get some food and a few drinks. It’s a perfect date night or a friend date having a catch up with food and drinks beforehand looking over the city.

Link to St Georges Open Air Cinema

Open Air Cinema

Watamolla Royal National Park

The Royal National Park is a great escape from Sydney especially if you do not want to go far being a short 40 minute drive out of Sydney. We did a hike to Eagle Heads Point before having a picnic and an afternoon relaxing around the beach and dam. There is some cliff jumping for the brave and a beach for the sunbathers. You can rent kayaks at the park. There are a few food trucks at the park but we decided to stop at Coles on the way and get a picnic together for the day. There are a number of walks to explore in this national park it cannot be done in one visit. It is a cheap relaxing day out in the summer escaping the city rush for the day.

Link to the Royal National Park

Eagle Head

Hot Dub Time Machine

Best night of summer by far. Hot Dub Time Machine is a Australian DJ. He is touring Australia currently so check out his Facebook page for his tour dates. He is also going to Europe too this summer. The concept behind is set is simple he plays number one hits moving through the decades. You know the words to every song and it’s a nonstop party the whole night. There are a few surprises in the show which I won’t ruin for those who go. If Hot Dub is anywhere near you make the effort to check him out you won’t be disappointed!

Link for Hot Dub Time Machine

Hot DUb

Scooter Snorkelling

This is exactly as it sounds. You use a water scooter to snorkel. We did it at Frenchman’s Beach which is a beautiful beach at Philips Bay. You meet at the centre and are driven to the beach all equipment is provided. After a short lesson on how to use the scooters you hit the water. Once the instructor feels everyone is confident with using the scooter you are left to your own device to zoom through the water in a somewhat James Bond style. It is not the best way to see fish as the noise of the scooter scares them off but it’s a great way to travel. The centre is also featured on Groupon so you can get the Scooter experience at a discounted price.

Link to Scooter Snorkel

Manly Kayaking

One Saturday morning this summer was spent kayaking around Manly Harbour. The kayaks are available from the Ferry point at Manly. It was $40 for three hours. We kayaked around the edge of the harbour to a quiet beach where we spent an hour relaxing in the sun before heading back. It was a struggle against the tide and keeping it in a straight line at some points but it did provide a good work out and a lot of laughs. The lunch after a morning of rowing was well deserved.


Unit 7.

Coming out of Christmas me and my friend had decided to move out of our house shares and find a apartment for just the two of us. I had not idea how hard it would actually be to secure one.

We spent many weekends trailing around the area going to open houses with about 50 other people as well. Both of us are on a working holiday visa and that always seemed to be a disadvantage when speaking to the real estate agent. After 3 failed applications I decided to look on gum tree and rent through a private landlord. We showed up to the viewing with all our paper work ready and spoke to the land lord for a while. We both fell in love with the small unit. After a anxious week of waiting it was confirmed that we had been offered the rental agreement.

A few things I learnt from the whole experience;

  1. Contact the landlord before the viewing to see if you can get the paperwork early
  2. Fill in the paperwork.
  3. Have all your ID proof copied.
  4. At the viewing you can then present all your application complete making a good impression.
  5. Keep in contact with the landlord to show you are keen and ready to move as soon as possible.
  6. If you are on a holiday working visa you will probably have more success through a private landlord then a real estate agent.

It was very much worth the wait though to have our own two bedroom unit. Filling it with furniture has been hard but we have got there through some very good friends lending us their muscle and Ute’s.

The building has a roof terrace with a view of the city and I am obsessed with the view at sunset!



Hot Christmas!

I spent my second Christmas in Australia with a few friends. Last year there was a massive group of us but this year was on a much smaller scale.

Christmas Eve we started in the Coogee Pavillon which is one of our favorite places for a cocktail and a pizza. The atmosphere was not what we were looking for on this festive night. We wanted to feel a little bit like we were home with cheesy Christmas songs, merry people singing and some dancing! Someone suggested the Cock and Bull in Bondi Junction…best suggestion of the night.


Obviously we all miss home especially at Christmas with everyone having their own traditions at this time of the year. Walking into a sticky floored sweaty pub blasting out every Christmas tune there ever was makes us feel that much closer to home. We rang in Christmas and headed home to rest up for our hot Christmas.

Christmas day there was about 6 of us and after opening presents from home and each other we grabbed our BBQ and alcohol and headed to Coogee Beach. It was packed with people enjoying the sun and festive spirit. We drank and ate a lot having the odd dip in the sea to cool off. The sun managed to last until 4PM then it was a quick exit back to the apartment to avoid the rain. We carried on with the traditional cheese board, Christmas Day nap, mince pies and cold turkey.


New Years Eve was spent at Luna Park. I believe our tickets were around $150. As the event is ticketed you do not need to arrive until 6:30 PM which is great if you do not want to spend all day out in the sun guarding your spot for a view of the bridge. The theme park is open to adults only on NYE all rides are included on your ticket and lots of bar locations. The lines for the bars were between 30-50 minuets which is not bad at all on NYE in Sydney. The view of bridge is amazing and with the music and fireworks it did not disappoint! I would highly recommend this for people who want to party, not be out in the sun all day and have a kid free New Years Eve.


I got dragged out to Bondi Junction New Years Day thinking my partying was over…I was very wrong. I rang in the Irish/English new year in the Tea Gardens. It was pumping with atmosphere, music and drink at 8 AM! Live saxophone player next to the DJ and a lot of Irish sing along’s. After the New Year was rung in at 11 AM the day did not end for those who could keep going. Once again the day ended in the cock and bull which was heaving from 2 PM on wards. New Years Day was probably the biggest session I’ve had in Sydney and as tired as I was it was worth getting up for that morning!

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6 Months on…

I have been pretty rubbish with the blog as I have not updated for 6 months…

I did finish my farm work and got my second year granted in Australia and was straight into a job, Christmas and summer. It has been crazy. I will bombard you with a few blog posts of what I’ve been doing over the next few days then will be back on top with it all. Winter is coming now in Sydney so not as many weekends out. Hold tight blogs on there way…

For now Ill leave you with the view from my roof terrace in my apartment…yes I am moving up in the world from house shares!

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