Sorry I have not updated for a while on any social platforms but life just went a bit chaotic. Both my partner and I moved out into new places. He will be very shortly moving up to Coffs for a project. I have decided to move somewhere a little cheaper then the Eastern Suburbs rent, as I will have to fund some weekends away up to Coffs. After the two house moves were complete my mother and her partner arrived in Sydney for a short two weeks. I also turned 28 and received my approval for my 457 visa…it has been a crazy few months.

I am going to be putting some new blogs together of everything I did with my mum and how I spent my long weekend in September.

The biggest news for me out of everything that went on over September and October was recieveing the 457 approval. Usual time of a sponsorship visa is 6-12 weeks. My visa took 5 months due to the back log at immigration and the Australian election. Even though I knew there was a delay with visas it still made the last 5 months extremely stressful. It made me realize how much I love my life here in Australia and that I am not ready to give that up. I know we all go traveling searching for the unknown, cultures, white beaches and adventure but what you don’t see from our blogs and instgram posts is the dark side of the unknown when traveling. Applying for these visas abroad is terrifying you have to put your trust into someone whether it be the company sponsoring you or advice you receive from a friend or immigration lawyer. The pressure to not miss a beat when filling in forms and locating information from back home consumes your days. The horror stories everyone shares of it all going wrong or seeing your friends miss out on a visa for a small error is the worst feeling.

I know I have been a nightmare for a good few months stressing about the outcome. If it was not for my friends family and boyfriend I would have let it get the better me and cloud that time here in Australia.

I still have friends waiting to hear about there visas and I’ve seen friends get rejected. The last few months were tough but thankfully I get to carry on my life here and that is exactly were I want to be.


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