Mrs Mum.

My Mum and Dad have now been living their own lives for many years. It has come with its struggles which isn’t important right now cos everyone is working on the future not the past. My Mum married her Fiancé when we went home on the 15th July.

My sister and I came home for it along with our boyfriends. All the wedding chaos was under control when we arrived and Mum had survived her hen do to the York races. My boyfriend is from Ireland so he flew in from there to experience Yorkshire for the first time.

The wedding was in the Yorkshire Dales near the village Grassington. Mum wanted a small intimate wedding with all the important people in her and her partners life. Most guests where staying in the village in lovely country cottages. We didn’t have much time to relax in the cottages, just a place to rest and get ready.

The night before the wedding Mum had arranged dinner at a local pub. It was a very relaxed setting for all the guests to mingle. My sister and I met my mums partners daughter and her husband along with there new born daughter. We also met more of his family and caught up with ours.  After a evening of good pub food and chats everyone retired to get some rest for the big day.

My sister and I were up early to get hair and make up done with mum and a few others in her cottage. Our hair was done by my sisters friend and our make up was by my friend Emma. Once everyone was ready we went up to the country house where the ceremony was being held. It was a lovey house which a couple rented out for weddings. We waited in a room helped mum get into her dress and settle nerves. When my mum put her dress on I think it hit home she’s actually getting married. She looked fantastic it was a very emotional moment. The bag piper started to play and my sister and I walked our mum into the room to her fiance. The ceremony was lovely and not a dry eye in the room as they exchanged vows. I don’t usually put photos up on my blog of people but I have to show Mum off.

The mini bus picked all of us up and took us to the venue for the evening. It was a barn in the back of a small country pub. Fairy lights all over the barn and one long table so everyone was eating together. The food was beautiful and after the food and speeches we were ushered out of the barn as they transformed it into the dance floor. The rest of night was spent dancing and celebrating the new couple. At midnight we were all taken back to our cottages and the next morning we had breakfast in a cafe with everyone before we all parted to go home.

I always struggle with wedding presents….for my mums wedding I bought a Polaroid Camera and lots of film. I took loads of photo at the evening do and put them in a photo album. Mum loved this especially as their photographer left after the first dance. It has actually come in very handy has the camera and it is extremely cheap to run…unlike my retro Polaroid camera. Click here to view the camera we used at the wedding.

The day was such a emotionally day seeing your Mum get married is slightly weird but just so special as well. Not many people get to see their parents marry and it was a very special moment having everyone there from all over the world to watch them become husband and wife. My mum is a fantastic role model shes is fabulous, strong and started a whole new life at 57 years old. She taught my sister and I that no matter the age your life is  never over, to always be strong and happiness will follow.




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