Pai, Chiang Mai and Dirty Bangkok

The ride to Pai was just like how everyone I had met had described it to me. It was very fast and windy. Once in Pai I had a booking error with hostel Circus who were not very helpful at all. After wondering around Pai with my bag on I decided to check into a hotel for three nights of chilling. The hotel was in Pai town centre and had a pool. The first night I had a early one due to a late one in Chiang Mai. The second day I chilled around the pool, did my laundry and read my book. At night I headed to the night market for some sushi and Christmas shopping. The night market did offer different things compared to the other night markets of Asia. The stands were very hippie and so were a lot of the cafes. One stand sold coffee and the cups were made out of bamboo and the man serving it was dressed up like a Viking with flashing lights it was a little strange but they did have very nice coffee. The next day I decided to go see Pai’s scenery. The only way around Pai is by scooter or bike and as I had already discovered I was not meant to scooter I rented a bike. I did just over 9 miles in thirty two degree heat it was exhausting but well wort it. The first stop was at the Chinese village up in the mountains. I then rode on up to the view point which did nearly end my ride the hill was very steep. I kept going with the help of a few cheers from local villagers. The view point looked down on Pai it was a brilliant view. The down hill bit from the view point must have been my favourite part of the ride. I then moved on to the waterfalls. I did at one point get chased by dogs on my bike which was not fun. At the waterfalls I walked down and dipped my feet in to cool off before heading back to the town. I did somehow get off track on the way back despite only taking one road up. I came in from the other side of Pai passing the airport which is a small road they use as a runway. That afternoon was spent relaxing around the pool and cooling off before heading out for some tea. The next day was my journey back to Chaing Mai on the windy road.

My last two nights in Chiang Mai were spent at the hostel I first went to in Chiang Mai, but this time I stayed at there new hostel which had opened last time I was there. It was good to met some new faces and to see some familiar ones. After another late night involving free shots and cake it was time to leave the North. I caught a night train from Chiang Mai.
The night train compared to vietnams night trains was bliss. It was very clean and I did not see any mice. I had to get the train conductor to flip my seat into a bed as I could not work it out. I slept OK on the train it was very bumpy and seemed only able to make emergency stops. The conductor wakes you up in the morning by yelling “Morning Bangkok ten minutes” around your curtain. Once I was off the train I headed to the hotel across the street for my last night in Asia


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