Travel Insurance for Nepal

A massive item on the to do list for any trip is insurance, to protect yourself and your belongings. I did seek advice from the travel company and blogs on Nepal to make sure I had everything covered. I would suggest the same thing to anyone, seek advice from the professionals, the people who are taking you up the mountain. For example I learnt that most travel insurance companies only cover to 3000 meters whilst we need to be covered up to 6000 meters. There are lots of little bits you need to make sure you have covered in your policy.

Finding insurance to cover Everest Base Camp was pretty easy as it is a popular trip these days. The issue I was having was with a simple question of  “Where am I a resident?”. I do not have my PR visa yet but I live in Australia and have all resident rights. I know I am classed as a temporary resident. On a lot of insurance websites this was not clear and when I would contact the companies no one would give ma yes or no answer to whether I was covered under there Insurance policy. It was a incredibly infuriating process and I seemed to be getting no were. I could not believe that a company could not inform of me if I would be covered or not but were ever so happy for me to pay out for the insurance. I don’t want to name and shame but I will mention the company we have decided to go with. They have a really clear policy about people on temporary visa’s in Australia. Zoom is who we went with in the end and they also have a live chat bubble and were very helpful when I selected my policy. I got the whole month covered by Zoom along with my trekking cover and cover for my camera. Fingers crossed we do not have to use the policy but it is a relief to get that one crossed off the list.



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