New Year.New…

Coming up to the end of January and New Years resolutions are either in full swing or you are putting them off…?

I usually fall into the category of putting them off. I decided to go a different route and instead of resolutions I have just said to myself ‘no excuses’. I have set myself goals in health, money and adventure for 2018. Its a small list with achievable goals. I have shared a few with close friends so we can support each other through out the year to keep ourselves going on those days life gets in the way. They are jotted down in my reflection journal. Since I have made the decision to not make excuses it is making me have a bit more drive and focus. I think we sometimes put so much pressure on ourselves in January to all of a sudden correct all our bad habits. I’m trying to not do everything at once and if something happens and I don’t make  a work out or I have a beer its okay…

Mindfulness is still a massive part of my life and day and its helping me manage my time better and become a better version of myself. Positive energy and good solid friends around you is the key to having a less stressful life. I’m not to keen on the phase positive people only because no one can be positive all the time everyone has there bad days.

Its nearly the end of January… so here is to everyone having a good 2018.





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