Budget Babe Update

It’s been over two weeks of living on my new budget. It has gone okay and I haven’t even stayed in on the weekends.

The food shop I did two weeks ago is still going as I am cooking for one. I have had to top up on a few basic items like bread and milk.
   For my tea (dinner) I have been mainly having pasta or rice dishes with chicken and veg, its so easy to make after my long day and very filling. Breakfast, I have been taking a tub of cereal into work each day and also taking a packed lunch. Doing those two simple things has help me save money and improve my diet.

The Weekends
This is were a lot of my money goes. The first weekend I did meet my friends at the pub but I went later and had a early night so I only bought threem drinks. This helped the bank account stay healthy and it helped my head the next day. I had planned to meet friends for a bush walk so I knew i would have to end my Saturday night at a decent hour avoiding temptation. The Sunday was taken up with our bush walk and I took a packed lunch which resulted in a day out with no money spent as my Opal (travel card) was on free travel.
    This past weekend I had a friend leaving so Saturday I spent in the pub doing the same routine as last Saturday only having three drinks. Sunday was my friends leaving meal and drinks it was a long afternoon and I managed it fine. I had my food my two drinks then switched to water. It was still enjoyable and cos you are drinking something you dont feel like you are missing out.

That is my update on my money saving scheme so far. Once I have a chunk built up then I wont have to save as much and can have a Friday treat of a coffee on the way to work instead of the free one at work. But if I want to travel then this is what I must do.

Photos of my first meal I cooked…domestic godess here I come! 😉



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